Alias: n/a

Gender: Has no apparent gender.

Race/Species: Appears slightly wolfish. No creatures in the Nexus are of the same species.

Age: Unknown.

Alignment: Is probably closest to lawful evil, though can be chaotic when it suits it.

Class/Profession: Mage is closest to it. It’s not like Sunshine can’t fight too, though…

Power Rating: B+ or perhaps a 7.

Description: Sunshine is a huge, bipedal, vaguely wolfish-looking creature dressed in some kind of black robe, and covered in long, shaggy brownish hair. It looks to be close to eight feet tall, and has enormous hand-like 'paws' bigger than its own head, with each 'finger' ending in a long claw. Its arms stretch down to where, at a guess, its knees would be. It has a long snout and piercing yellow eyes on the front of its head, and slight tufts of hair where you would expect its ears to be. When it speaks, it reveals long, sharp teeth that look as though they could rip your head from your body quite happily.

Personality: Pursues power as much as anything else, in a logical kind of way. Sunshine is happy to suck up to those above it to gain favour, and is equally happy to rip their faces off to take their position. It respects those with more power than it, and tends not to bother much with those it considers below.

Equipment: Seems to pull books out of nowhere at times. That apart, nothing.

Abilities: Sunshine has a wide variety of spells, hexes and suchlike at its disposal, both elemental and non-elemental. Just about all of them are offensive, but it can perform basic healing too, as well as teleport short distances. It also has great natural strength, and its skin is remarkably tough. Its claws are also extremely hard. A bit of a tough cookie.

Backstory: TBA

Miscellaneous: Sunshine only gives pronouns to those it has immense respect for.

Sunshine will occasionally wander out of wherever it is staying, and seemingly just walk into the wilderness, not returning for hours. A skilled, well-hidden tracker might be able to follow Sunshine and find out where it goes.

In the event of Sunshine dying, its body will disappear. Some time later, Sunshine will reappear, seemingly resurrected.

Destroyer, there'll be another just like you... (OK, so it's not technically a werewolf. Close enough.)