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    Raenir K. Artemi

    Alias: Rae
    Race:Human(?) Half Angel
    Age: 34
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class/Profession: Denimancer
    Power Rating: B to B+ without a Green Lantern present, A with one present.
    Description: 6'2". Brown hair in a ponytail, hangs past his waist. Green eyes. Muscular, but not overly so. Broad shouldered. Wears black denim jeans, a long, blue denim jacket, and various different colored shirts. Caucasian. He sports a pair of large white wings, sometimes. His wings extend up a bit past the top of his head
    Equipment: Rae normally wears a blue denim jacket which offers the same protection as Mythril chainmail and black denim pants that offer the same protection of steel chanimail. He can make various weapons with denimancy. Also owns a Blue Lantern Ring.
    Abilities: Rae is a master of Denimancy. (description of Denimancy to come soon, it really is quite complicated). Also a Blue Lantern. He can fly using his wings, and his touch is harmful to those weak against holy energy when he has his wings out.
    Backstory: Long and still developing, in Kirby's Quest for Hats, ABR FFF:R, and ABR Corps.
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