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    Alias/Titles: Forger of Wonders
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human (Solar Exalted)
    Age: 30
    Virtues: High Compassion, moderately high Conviction, mid-level Temperance, mid-level Valor
    Class: Twilight Caste
    Description: Karen is a young-looking woman (she looks about 20) with dark skin, black hair, and green eyes. Her hair reaches down to her back, and she generally keeps it tied back in a ponytail. Normally, she wears a dark-colored shirt and pants, although when she's in a workshop, she'll substitute a sarashi for the shirt.
    Picture of her in sarashi

    Equipment: Personal? She has Discreet Essence Armor (forcefield generators). Apart from that, whatever the heck she makes.
    Abilities: As a Twilight Caste Solar Exalted, Karen has many and varied abilities. In her case, mostly relating to Sorcery and craftsmanship. She is capable of making magical artifacts, if she has the correct materials, and she has the use of several spells. In close combat, she tends to have a 'smash 'em up' style, utilising Solar Hero Style.
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