Riv the Insane

Alias: Riv, Mad Scientist Extraordinaire, Me.

Gender: Male.

Race/Species: Mostly human, with some grafted parts and 20% protein content.

Age: 1 year old to Infinity, depending on your understanding of space/time

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Crazy

Class/Profession: Mad Scientist.

Power Rating: On the Quinsar scale 24, on the Neon Knight scale B. This is however subject to change dependent on how ell equipped he is, fully equipped he's A- to A or 30 on the Quinsar scale, while without any of his equipment (including various added body parts) he's a zero on any scale.

Description: Riv looks pretty average for a human, black hair, average height. He does however wear a combination lab coat/duster, and a very fancy set of goggles he's constantly altering.

Personality: Odd. He lacks all knowledge of social norms, does not understand the words "safety", "no" and "acceptable collateral damage" and is perfectly willing to discuss things that would make normal people (Normal people in Nexus? Fat chance.) retch. Other than that and being a supervillain, he's a pretty nice guy.

Equipment: The list would take up all the storage space on the net.

Backstory: Riv was born with a talent for techno-magic, the ability to channel magic through wires, circuit boards and any other piece of tech handy. Sadly Riv simply didn't have the patience for tech-wizardry, prefering a kind of magic that would let him just blow stuff up instead of transforming a integrated circuit into a technological wonder capable of quadrupling a computers processing speed, seriously, that stuff was boring. So instead he became a mad scientist and now enjoys a exciting career of blowing stuff up, fighting eldritch abominations and being possessed by his own mustache.