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    Alias: Esmeralda De'Noel, Ermine, Tha Fur'et, Her Ladyship, and a couple of derogatory ones best left unsaid
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Ermine/human
    Age: 23
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class/Profession: Bloody Pirate! Yar!
    Power Rating: D+
    Description: Either a sienna and white ermine, or a "busty" lady with lots of lipstick, blonde hair, little weasel ears, small pointed canine fangs, and a long and thin tail.
    Equipment: A feathered and floofy pirate hat that has an extra-dimensional storage compartment in it.
    A lot of gold. Half a dragon hoard, in fact.
    Generic ye olde weapons (like sabres, cutlasses, scimitars, muskets, shotguns, shanks)
    Clothes (range from outrageous "Cap'n Jack Sparrow" pirate outfits to regular street clothes) The most noticeable of these is an elaborate ermine-fur cloak. Hopefully not made from people she knew.
    A wands is made of willow and creates growing plants and fungi, while the other is helliron and creates hellfire while inflicting pyromania and psychopathy on the user.
    A bag with magically regenerating rocks, which come in three types; "mint", "rosemary" and "pepper". When smashed, the mint is a flash-bang, the rosemary creates a splash of acid, and the pepper is a sonic bomb.
    A necklace made of gold, with ten six greenstone orbs dangling from it, each attached with a small latch system; it feels slightly damp, despite being completely dry. Causes invisibility when worn.
    Pink cellphone with Caramelldansen ringtone.
    A golden telescope, presumably magic, that can zoom in to see far away things in great detail.
    Brass ring that protects from poison.
    A sword that glows blue whenever humans are near.
    A billhook (type of polearm) that explodes into fire when it hits things.
    Rusty iron wand that creates rust.
    Rope wand.
    Engraved wooden staff that causes the growth of a bramble bush.
    A red rock with black veins that will accelerate healing when pressed against a wound.

    Abilities: She can change from ermine-form to human-with-ears-and-tail form at will, though she can't create clothes, so will transform quite naked. She is a skilled shot and sword-fighter.
    Backstory: Yar, if he be wantin' a backstory, ye be lookin' in da wrong place! "Me agent's been tellin' me ta reconsider, so imma give ye the basic rundown. Ah'm from one of dem alt-ern-ate di-men-sion tingies. Me father was a pirate and me mudder was a rich bitch. Got me 'at from 'er, "inherited" it, the pirate way. Ah had two siblings growin' up, me brovver and me sister. Me sister don't bother wit' me and I don't bother wit' 'er, far's I know she went on wit' 'er life and became a seamstress. If'n ye know what I mean. Me brovver... 'e was a bastard. 'S all I'll say. Anyway, ah grew up wit' me father and learned 'is trade. Which is all sorts o' liein', lootin', an' plunderin'. Went sailin' round our tiny world wit' him, an' da crew 'e had. Bootiful ship. Course, 'e... got sick 'un day, an' I got da ship. Didn't last long. Mebe I should've payed me debts an' bothered learnin' da crew's first names, 'r kept out o' da law's way. Anyway, I took off runnin', fell down sum 'ole, and 'ere I am. I'm gettin' paid fer dat, right?"
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