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    Alias: Bast, The Eldritch Cat, Eldy, Teh kitteh, Aww how cute!, OH MY GOD ITS EATING MY FACE!
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Cat. Eldritch abomination.
    Alignment: Eldritch Curious
    Class/Profession: Eldritch Abomination
    Power Rating: E- to A+
    Description: Varies by life.

    First life: Small black kitten. Unaggressive.
    Second Life: Bobcat. Gets aggressive.
    Third Life: Acid-breathing panther.
    Fourth Life: Adds displacer beast abilities. Gets bigger.
    Fifth Life: Adds manticore abilities. Gets bigger.
    Sixth Life: Adds second, fire-breathing head. Gets bigger.
    Seventh Life: Adds large bat wings. Gets bigger.
    Eighth Life: Adds third, poison-breathing head. Gets bigger.
    Ninth Life: Adds large eagle wings. Gets bigger.
    No Lives: Bast, the fickle Old One.

    Equipment: None!
    Abilities: If it dies, it goes on to the next life. It can steal the lives of others (through nomming them) to gain lives and get smaller. It can jump through windows as portals, and various other random eldritch powers. As Bast? You don't want to know what kind of stuff she can do.
    Backstory: Bast was one of the Old Ones, hanging around with all her other eldritch abomination buddies at the dawn of time. I don't know exactly their backstory, so Rebo would need to fill stuff in. Anyway, instead of getting kicked out of Earth or locked away to slumber for all eternity like her kin, Bast got a sweet gig as Goddess of Cats for the Egyptians. She wasn't actually such a cat person, more tentacle-y, before this worship, but the human faith molded her form, temperament, and power. Eventually, some humans realized having a fickle little kitty with godlike powers wasn't a good idea, so she was locked away in the actual form of a small black kitten, only able to unlock her potential after the mortal form died. To solve this, the wizards who locked her away gave the cat nine increasingly stronger lives so it wouldn't ever die, as well as the ability to devour the life of others. Such a monster was much preferable to an unleashed Bast. And now the kitten romps around the Nexus, waiting to find someone to kill it dead nine times or for the Stars to be Right.

    And, now in the Nexus alongside THAT CAT are the starspawn Anippe, Chione, Fukayna, and Akila! Each usually appears as a sphinx or a black and white cat, and they all have the ability to influence or outright control minds, as well as psychically communicate with their mother if she's Awake.
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