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    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Persian Cat
    Age: 10. Talking cats age slower than other cats, so probably about 15 in human
    Alignment: LN. Likes to follow rules and prefers someone else make decisions
    Class/Profession: Familiar
    Power Rating: Probably an E+ on her own. If working with a mage bump the mage up a power rank.
    Description: Black long-hair persian cat.
    Personality: Laid-back. Loyal to a mage she bonds with as long as not abused, and likely to follow orders without question. Will however input advice and knowledge on plans.
    Equipment: Collar with extradimensional bag on it that can be accessed via magecraft. Contains a few pieces of dried fish, some paper and quills and ink, a few pieces of silver, and a ball of yarn.
    Abilities: Minor telekinesis, short-range teleport of self only.
    Backstory: Graduated recently from familiar school and came to trog's seeking employment.

    Edit: Recently reappeared as a multi-tailed ghost.

    Brillian (have to look up the rest)

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Used to be human.
    Age: Middle-aged. He doesn't know. Neither does anyone else.
    Alignment: Depending on your view of insanity, either CN or CE. Does evil acts but generally does not comprehend that they cause suffering. Would probably be CG if anyone ever managed to cure him.
    Class/Profession: Purveyor of technologically enhanced beasts.
    Power Rating: Probably a B.
    Description: Looks like he was human once but has a number of cybernetic implants attached randomly. Clothing looks like it used to be jeans and a button-down shirt. Color impossible to determine
    Personality: Insane. Really quite insane. Likes to experiment with animals to create cybernetic creatures. Singlemindedly obsessed with this. Appears convinced that the animals are excited to get the implants.
    Equipment: Pretty much anything you can find in a lab, really.
    Abilities: Master tinker. Has various minor ability from implants, which vary wildly.
    Backstory: Later
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