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    Alias: Actual name withheld just in case
    Gender: Genderless
    Race/Species: Demon/Void Beast
    Age: Old.
    Alignment: Amicably Evil
    Class/Profession: Businessmandemon. Gladiator.
    Power Rating: B-
    Description: A large, eleven four foot tall (height subject to change) demon. It is purple. Starting from the bottom up: Three legs. Stiff and bent tail. Four arms, two of which are small and three-fingered hands while the other two are giant spikes. Its spine is bent, giving it a hunched over appearance. Its face is long and wide, with two horn-like tusks on either side of its tooth-filled jaws. Huge yellow eyes.
    Equipment: A magically fitting tuxedo with magic pockets full of random enchanted knickknacks. A large monocle. A top hat. All of which regenerate if destroyed.
    Abilities: Can summon giant spikes out of the ground and air. Can magically amplify its voice to destroy the sound barrier and ear drums. Can take souls. If it eats anything, it magically adds that thing's mass to its own, growing in size.
    Backstory: (From a video game. Cookie if you guess it.) Comes from a dimension that is ruled by a UN-like organization that solves international disputes with gladiatorial arena matches. Was a combatant in it, did not like it one bit, got sent to the NEXUS through some weird happenstance.
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