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    Dante Jay

    Alias: Jake, Whisper, Celexus.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Emotional Vampire (Feeds off emotions not blood or anything)
    Age: 16 (672)
    Alignment: Neutral Good;
    Class/Profession: Aide (Helping scholars, librarians, field military and engineers, anyone really)
    Power Rating: Medium. He's got superhuman qualities of resilience and speed but is dependant on other people for sustenance. He's also not any stronger than a human or anything.
    Description: Tall for a human teen; Pale skin and green eyes that glow a little. Elegantly Handsome in a cold way, hard lines and strong jawline. Walks like he's ready to dodge something or sprint away. He wears a grey t-shirt and black trousers. He sometimes wears work gear, and wears mirrored sunglasses when he wants to hide his green glowing eyes.
    Personality: A little depressing to be around, not because he lacks charisma (Far from it) or because he's not nice, but he is draining a small ammount of your emotion from you. Charismatic, fun, and eloquent; he likes to jest and make friends. He occasionally seems to stop and think, then launches into an energetic passage.
    Equipment: Small knife, swiss army knife, and also a pair of mirrored glasses. He's got a little book which he records things in, and a pendant (leaf made of an unknown metal) he wears round his neck.
    Abilities: Being more resilient to a normal human and being immortal, that's a strength of his. He's also got some quickness but he's still just as strong as a teenager. He can't enter places without permission, and has to recoil from holy symbols. He's vulnerable to sunlight and holy water.

    However, he can use his vampiric ability of draining emotion to good uses, for example, draining fear away from soldiers, or calming the angry mob. However, doing so costs him the emotions he's taken.

    He's got a bit of training in a large variety of things, mainly picked up from various odd jobs and apprenticeships. (Depending on the universe he's in)

    Backstory: Born to vampires, Dante's been a natural vampire for his 16 years of life. In the early years of his life, his parents were hunted down and killed; Part of the general prejudice against vampires. He fled and worked odd jobs by the vampire age of 8, working in libraries, workshops and other places where outside was not required and he could hide his vampirism. Aqquiring a fair ammount of generalist skills in a variety of areas, Dante's got a knack for for picking things up quickly and is skillful for his age.

    At the age of 12, Dante joined the military, where he served as an advisor for field captains and an aide to engineers. He discovered his vampiric abilities could be handy in combat, calming the beserk enemy and draining the fear of his allies. However, such emotional tramau leads Dante to become severely depressed; He offset it by engaging in sex of duty, enjoying the raw emotion and uplift that it brought him. Now, he's trying to turn a new leaf over and so is looking for something more meaningful, and someone else.
    Miscellaneous: Dante will die if he does not feed properly in 5 days. The emotions he can live off must come from intelligent living beings who can feel emotions.
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