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    Wally Serana

    Ellen Serana

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: human
    Age: 19
    Class/Profession: Spirit Hunter
    Power Rating: 2 or D
    Description: He has messy red hair, green eyes, he wears a black jacket, grey pants, blue shirt and brown shoes. He is tall, lanky and skinny.
    Personality: Calm, odd, somewhat detached from normal life, a little adrift.
    Equipment: A green sword
    Ghost: He forever has a ghost named Ellen that is a female version of him following him around. Only he can naturally see Ellen. Ellen has her own personality and mind. Ellen can possess objects and weak-minded people (NPCs) but not strong-minded people (PC's). Ellen forever serves as an adviser and spy for Wally, able to go place he can't. However Ellen has a spiritual bond to Wally that prevents going to far away from him, the same thing that allows Wally to see and hear her in the first place.
    When Ellen possesses Wally himself, it allows him to see spirits and his sword to touch spirits.
    Ellen has always been with Wally even when they were children. Wally always tried to let people know about Ellen, but everyone assumed it was just a kid having an imaginary friend. Little does either of them know that Ellen is Wally’s twin sister that died in childbirth.
    Ellen continued following Wally into his teenage years, by then they had become fast friends. Ellen experimented with her powers, possessing people and objects to help Wally to pull pranks or to help people out. However one day a curious possessed Wally and Wally found he could see, hear, and touch all spirits.
    Soon Wally found out about malicious spirits that give people trouble and do evil. So he bought a sword and struck out on his own to battle the spirits with the help of Ellen- as well help people along the way. He has been spirit-hunting for years now and his best friend is the spirit following right beside him, Ellen.
    Wally can only talk to Ellen out loud, making him seem like a crazy person to all the people who can’t see and hear spirits.
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