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    FULL NAME: Alexander Darius Pyborne

    Alias: The Apprentice
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human of 15.5 years, ethnicity specifically Asian.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class/Profession: Mechanist, Lawyer (basic knowledge from a book coupled with persuasion skill), Scholar, Apprentice to Lord Thadius
    Power Rating: 5 by Quinsar's Scale
    Description: Asian male about 5 feet 8.5 inches. He has raven black hair with piercing blue eyes. A mesomorph in superior physical condition. Tan skin with hairy legs. Usually straight-faced with slightly curving eyebrows. Medium cheekbone placement and all teeth natural and intact. Scar running diagonally across his face from a duel with Lady Legion.
    Equipment: Alexander wears either a suit or a black-plated heavy stealth armor suit with assorted weapons hidden within including an energy beam (right arm) sword, a laser((chest weapon), a minigun (left arm), spiked boots, and a blade extending from his forearms in a half elipse for slashing. The suit does not have any hidden weapons in it but has pockets for carrying random objects. Alex generally stows a high caliber pistol, a dagger with blood gutters, a good amount of platinum, a mask, dark robes, an identity card, and a hologram projector in these pockets. Alex has recently obtained a runed sword labeled Patronus forged of star metal which emits dark energy rays when swung (these rays are mainly for show but they do make the sword more powerful than it would be if it wasn't attached) which he currently uses as his primary weapon.
    Abilities: Martial Proficiency, Precision Shooter, Mechanist, Basic Legal Training, Exceptional Writer, Persuasive, Quick Reflexes, Intelligent, High Pain Tolerance, High Determination, Doesn't Feel Remorse, Loyal, Tactician, Fencer, Semi-Skilled Runner, Logic, Command Voice, Hacking Skills (Only when in Armor), Can Cloak in Armor and Use Light to Make it Seem as Though He Is Somewhere Else or There Are More of Him
    Backstory: This male was born to a family of modest means. He was exposed to many different societies and learned high morals as he was brought up. He was instructed in a variety of subjects as he studied to become the top scholar for his age. He also took a highly active role in his community. One day, he returned home to find his family threatened by a gang. He promptly eradicated the gang's presence in his town and was linked to several murders after which he began to learn various fighting methods, tactics, and psychology. He was first exposed to mechanics through his mother who served as a mechanical engineer for a manufacturing company in the town. He was recently a target of the gang which was to receive retribution for the death of the members of the chapter of the gang in town. He dispatched a few of the gang members then, noticing too many of them were present to deal with, he rapidly carved the symbol of a flame into his chest that split himself into two parts (darkness and light). When the wound stopped bleeding, the two halves merged to form him again. Word spread that two strangers had slaughtered a dozen or so people in town. These events led Alexander to be sent to Nexus to salvage what was left of his life (additionally, everyone that knew him in his own town was slightly fearful and suspicious of him, including his parents who sent him away because they feared for their safety, not his). He was possessed by his grandfather during these killings and went insane when that soul left him. He was cured when he saw his reflection. He then went to seek out his master, Lord Thadius, who had instructed him in tactics. After Alex had left the town it had been torched by the gang and everyone was killed except Lord Thadius who turned to the powers of darkness to survive this event. When Alex found his master in this state, he decided to join him, becoming his apprentice. Together they plot against the land known as the Nexus with a number of automatons they constructed to support them.
    Miscellaneous: He may be rich and powerful but he is not a magical princess. He is a semi-skilled runner because, when faced by a significant amount of adversity he will flee!


    The Abominations

    Age: Whatever Alex's Age is at the moment.
    Gender: Genderless
    Power Level: 3

    Backstory: Spawned from Alex's burning desire for revenge and genetic enhancement endeavors (mainly using information compiled from his suit's monitors), this creature cannot speak.

    Description: They now stand, six feet tall, tattered robes, glowing red pupils, blue biomass under a polished crystaline exterior. About the normal size of a human, but without remorse...without love or capacity to trust. Nothing but the crystal lining the body and the glowing eyes. Out of where his hand once was there protrudes a blade, honed to a fine edge. His other hand remains nearly unchanged, except for the fact that there are no longer fingernails and a pulsing light is being emitted from this weapon. No organs seem to be suspended in the fluid in the is, by all definitions of the phrase an alien creature. And it was created for a singular destroy all who stand in its path.

    Abilities: Remorseless, Cannot Speak, Completely Obedient, Immune to Mind Alterations, Can Shoot Energy From One Hand, Decent Swordfighting, Decent Armor, Neural Uplink to Pyborne and Thadius as well as to other abominations

    No Equipment Other Than Their Bodies
    No Alignment
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