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Seven screenshots isn't much for an update. There's no real rule of thumb for it, but if I'm running an LP that isn't directly dependent on the reader's actions, then I try to fit at least 20 screenshots per update.
I agree with the rest of what you said, but not this. There's not really any rule of thumb for this. Some games have more text and less screenshots, and it works better that ways (see: PhoeKun's Let's Play of Pokemon LeafGreen) will others have more screenshots and more text (see: my Let's Play of Yellow, not to be an attention whore or anything ). And then some people do video. Point is, everyone has their own style, much the same as writing stories, or comics, or paintings, or anything really.

Also, I realized as I was writing this: Perhaps we should have a "Let's Play Rules" thread for this forum? We do tend to have quite a few of them and it might be a useful tool for people considering them.
I don't think we need that. Most of the "rules" are incredibly common sense and obvious that you'd have to be an idiot not to realize it as you start/within the first update or three. Not to mention, as I said before, there's not really many rules at all, since most people have their own style and all that. The only real rules are "don't include so much unnecessary stuff that it gets boring", "don't shrink things so much we can't see", and "don't make things so big it stretches the screen insanely".

Though I suppose if we need to post rules somewhere, we could use *coughs, points to sig* that Let's Play Index that one guy is trying to keep