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    Pumpkin, What

    Alias: Lord of the Gourd, Mr. What, That Guy With A Pumpkin What Where His Head Should Be, Oh God, What Is That And Why Is It Coming At Me With A Knife
    Gender: His skinny build is decidedly masculine in appearance, so I'd say male.
    Race/Species: I honestly haven't a clue. I'd ask him, but he might shank me or something in response.
    Age: 41.3 years
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class/Profession: Hired Killer
    Power Rating: C+
    Description: From the shoulders down, Mr. What appears to be a perfectly ordinary, skinny human being in a perfectly ordinary black suit, black leather gloves, white shirt, and orange tie, who just happens to have every inch of skin hidden behind his stylish outfit. Sadly, everything above his shoulders is utterly and completely ridiculous. He has no neck, head, hair, hat, anything he should have up above his shoulders. Instead, there is one very large, uncarved, completely ordinary pumpkin resting there. WTF.
    Alternate Description, by Slii Arhem: A plump, squat, rotund, wicked gourd the color of baked yams bathed in the sunlight of a dusk seen through the milky clouds of a factory’s smokestack, and every indented line along the circumference of the pumpkin’s surface is the bruised color of a rusted burnt orange Studebaker and their sum total gave the impression, when looking at them slightly askew, of a frown, a scowl, a glower so fierce it stared into the soul of the watcher no matter what angle it was looked upon from, but its stem, so gnarled, twisted and hooked into a curl that closed the loop of a sole strand of curly hair on its vegetative head, gave it a hidden air of whimsy, coupled with the smell of fresh pumpkin pie, fresh manure and wholesome ground spices that disarmed those pondering its purpose even as the suit it sat on disarmed them more literally, by ripping their arms off and beating them to death for writing about its appearance instead of attempting to flee it.
    Personality: As if it's not bad enough that Mr. What, having no vocal cords, mouth, or magical abilities, is entirely incapable of speaking, he's also gotten into the habit of using his large collection of knives, daggers, and miscellaneous pointy things as an violent communications alternative. He stabs to say hi, to say he likes you, to say he doesn't like you, to idly chat about how the weather, to stop you from carving a jack o' lantern in his face, to ask how you're doing...he stabs for just about everything, really.
    Equipment: What carries a large assortment of blades, wears a bulletproof jacket underneath his suit, and has a large orange pumpkin where his head should be.
    Abilities: What Pumpkin is quite talented in murdering people with sharp things, accidentally misplacing his "head", keeping his suit nice and tidy, and murdering people with sharp things. Yes, it does need to be said twice.
    Backstory: After running into a bit of trouble in another dimension very similar to Nexus, Mr. What decided to shirk his fatherly duties and run off to another, eerily similar dimension, where he intends to murder people and then get paid for it, just like he did last time. Gods know what he even plans on doing with the cash, though. Maybe he uses it to buy replacement pumpkins?
    Miscellaneous: Yes, I was serious when I said I was going to make a character named What.
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