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-If I post the screenshots unspoilered, I'll be breaking the forum rules on image size, and like you said, I'm a moderator, that wouldn't be smart for me to do that. I can try posting the entire update inside one spoiler, though, that might help the flow a bit?
Yeah, that's what I meant. It'll help a lot.

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-I'll see how cropping out the HUD looks - the resolution you do see though is pretty close to the best it gets, my computer can't handle the seriously top-end graphics without slowing to a crawl. This is Medium setting. None of them are actually resized though, they're taken and uploaded right off my (laptop) screen, so it will be more work. If it makes the images better, though, it's worth it.
Wow, I thought for sure you were just resizing them... That must be a tiny laptop if that's the resolution it runs at. Graphics quality isn't a huge deal, though, so do what you can. That's kind of the problem with running an in-character LP. When the screenshots don't look cinematic enough, it clashes with the writing.

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-Unfortunately, as RPGz4me did say, the entire mission took me about 10min, maybe less. It's a tiny map, with 4 total fights, I'd have been taking unnecessary pics just for the sake of screenshots. Mission 2 will at least give me a base, so I can have some more freedom with what I look at, though the map is still small.
You could have just put both missions into one update to give us some more to chew on. If an update feels like it's coming up too short, then just keep going.

Anyway, looking forward to the update!