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    Full Name: Elijah Talbot

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Uratha (New World of Darkness Werewolf)

    Age: 76 (looks in his late 20’s)

    Alignment: Fall’s somewhere between Lawful Neutral and True Neutral

    Class/Profession: Scout, Tracker, Spy or Assassin, whatever his pack need’s him to be.

    Power Rating: Between a C+ and B+

    Description: A rugged looking young man of apparent Nordic decent. Has what some might consider an attractively masculine jaw line. Though others might say it makes his face seem slightly to “long” to be truly “handsome”. He sports a constant 5 o’clock shadow that would perhaps be more noticeable if his facial hair did not seem to be a pale blond. His narrow eyes have an inquisitive gleam in them that stands out against the pale blue of his irises. His long dirty blond hair sprout’s from a slightly receding hairline that forms a widow’s peak over his forehead. His hair itself reaches the middle of his back and is slicked and tied back in a single tail by a worn leather band. His skin tone is pale but seems to have a “worn” quality to it that one usually associates with those who’s professions keep them outdoors for prolong periods of time such a sailors, farmers and loggers.

    His build is lean and tall standing about 6ft 2inches tall and weight’s around 230 pounds. While he lacks the obviously strength oriented frame of a bodybuilder his musculature is well developed in an “athletic” build that one sees on parkour traceur’s. Elijah’s usual attire scream’s functionality over style. He wears hiking boots and short fingered leather gloves over his hands and feet. A pair of well worn, coarse grained navy jeans and a plain deep green T-Shirt cover his legs and torso. His only fashion indulgences seem to be the black soft leather jacket that he wears over his T-shirt and a small bone carved trinket secured on a leather cord around his neck. He seems to have the scent of tree bark and mist about him.

    In his other forms Elijah looks markedly different.

    His near-human or “Dalu” form looks similar to his normal human aspect with a few changes. Firstly he grows about a foot and gains around 50 pounds of mass, becoming boarder and more heavy set. His facial features take on a more angular and lupine, his iris colour shifts towards an amber gold. His finger nails elongate and grow thinker into rudimentary claws and all his facial and body hair thickens up and becomes a more pure blond.

    His near-wolf or “Urshul” form appears as a huge wolf with fur the colour of ripe wheat corn. In this form he stands at 4 feet at the shoulder and is about 7 feet long from snout to tail.

    His pure wolf or “urhan” form appears as a perfectly normal wolf with slightly lighter coloured blond fur.

    His wolf-man/war-form or “Gauru” form he stands at around 8ft 6inches and weights around 550 pounds. In this form wicket claws sprout from his hands and the lupine features that his face takes on are exaggerated with a large snout and rending fangs. In this form he maintains a bipedal mode of transport but can run and jump well beyond human ability, he likewise retains opposable thumbs. His fur in this form is the same as his Urshul form.

    Personality: Elijah has a somewhat stoic manner that makes him seem a little stand offish. He does not suffer fools and some have said he has a short fuse, though he is as quick to forgive as he is to anger. He likes to play dumb so others underestimate him; it’s easier to trick them that way. He has many acquaintances and associates but few friends; once you have won his loyalty he will go any distance for you. His worldview is one which tries to reduce everything, be it a problem or school of thought down to its most simple components. He likes to smoke cigars but has no other real vices.

    Equipment: Apart from the clothes on his back Elijah carries little in the way of equipment. A box of matches, a ten pack of cigars, a wristwatch, his wallet with cash, cards and id in. A couple small leather pouches with certain ritual ingredients in e.g. rock shards, herbs or small animal bones or feathers. The one weapon of note is a bowie knife that is strapped to the back of his belt under his jacket. It has some odd script carved into it and looks slightly antique. It's a fetish (an item with a spirit trapped in) which has a elemental (stone) spirit trapped in it. This makes the blade unnaturally strong and sharp and allows the knife to cut insubstantial creatures such as ghosts and spirits.

    Abilities: As a Uratha gives Elijah access to a great many supernatural abilities. These abilities can be divided into three categories: Innate, Gifts and Rites.

    A werewolf’s innate abilities are as follows:-

    They can shape shift as detailed above in the “description” section. They regenerate damage much quicker than normal humans and by spending some of the magical resource they harvest (Essence) they can heal damage almost instantaneously. They have a supernatural resistance to toxins and diseases that means they are hard to intoxicate and immune mundane diseases. They can sense, see and talk to spirits (animistic personifications of different things in the world e.g. a spirit of fear or the spirit of a house). They have in their non human forms a supernatural sense of smell, hearing and taste. They live longer than humans with the oldest werewolves reaching about 150 years old before dying.

    They take horrible damage from silver weapons and have a slight aversion to silver full stop.

    Gifts are supernatural abilities gifted to werewolves by spirits the older and more accomplished the werewolf the more gifts they are likely to have. Elijah’s primary function is a stalker, spy and scout though he also stands vigil over certain areas of territory. As such his gifts are focused on stealth, intuition, tracking and sudden attack.

    Elijah's has five Gift “paths” each of which has 1-5 levels with one power at each level:-

    Evasion Gifts:-
    1.) Allows him to make people open up in conversation and more likely to blab secrets.
    2.) Make it hard to notice or remember his presence in a room or at a meeting.
    3.) Fake his own death for up to a period of 24 hours if needed.
    4.) Can supernaturally become aware of physical attempts to deceive or mislead e.g. hiding evidence or mislead people following a trail. He cannot pick up on social deception this way however.

    Nature Gifts:-
    1.) Can speak with animals.

    New Moon Gifts:-
    1.) Elijah can sense a person’s weakness or main character flaw e.g. derangements, major vice or physical flaw e.g. lame or blind.
    2.) He can escape mundane bonds or another’s grasp.
    3.) Can cause slight visual hallucinations to distract opponents from his activities in a fight.
    4.) Appear to naturally “fit in” to whatever location he is located in, seeming unimportant and uninteresting.

    Stalker Gifts:-

    1.) Can see perfectly in natural darkness even in normal human form.
    2.) Always knows where he is exactly and how to get back “home” from that location as long as he can look at the night sky.
    3.) Can sense other supernatural being nearby through his sense of smell, each gives off a unique sent so distinctions can be made.
    4.) Can walk into any natural occurring shadow and emerge from another anywhere within 20-100 yards away.
    5.) Summon a pack of 3 “shadow” wolves to aid him for up to a minute before returning back to the shadows.

    Stealth Gifts:-
    1.) Can become almost impossible to track through scent.
    2.) As long as he stays still he can supernaturally “blend” into his surrounding environment appearing as a landscape feature. So in a bar he may appear as a broken bar stool in a corner as opposed to a person.
    3.) Can move at any speed (even a sprint) while not making any sound or drawing attention to his movement.
    4.) Can turn into a living shadow as long as adequate shadows are available and maintain that form as long as enough shadow coverage lasts. Becomes partially insubstantial and 2D so can fit under doors and through key-holes, cannot really interact with the 3D world however e.g. attack people or pick up objects.
    5.) Can become invisible to all visual senses e.g. eye’s, camera’s, heat sensors and motion detectors. Does remain physical however and can be tracked using other senses e.g. scent, sound and touch.

    Rites are magical invocations to spirits to produce a certain result e.g. swearing binding oaths or setting up wards and such. Rites unlike gifts always require time to prepare and enact and most usually require particular ritual trappings e.g circles of salt and such. In Uratha culture rituals are usually learned by those werewolves seeking to become mystics however some smaller rites are usually taught to normal pack members as well.

    Elijah has eight rites which he has picked up in his five decades as a Uratha have particular affects, usually for ease of living or to do with his job. All rites are ranked in power from 1-5.

    (Rank 1) Banish Human:- Forces a human out of the spirit world.
    (Rank 1) Preserving the Trail:- Keeps a scent trail fresh for the ritual caster for a lunar month.
    (Rank 1) Rite of Dedication:- Means that the werewolves personal belongings turn to essence when they shapeshift.
    (Rank 1) Rite of Fair Warning:- Warns new werewolves they have entered another’s territory.
    (Rank 2) Banish Spirit:- Forces a spirit out of the physical world.
    (Rank 2) Blessing of the Spirit Hunt:- Allows a werewolf to physically harm spirit in the physical world.
    (Rank 2) Call Gafaing:- Summons a weak, minor spirit to the werewolf.
    (Rank 2) Rite of the Hunters Howl:- Gives the hunter of hunters involved in the ritual an energy boost and supernaturally bolsters their resolve before the hunt begins.

    Backstory: Elijah was born in 1934 in St Andrews Scotland. The son of a British Army Major Michael Talbot and his wife Gabriella Talbot the governess of the local school. Before WW2 occurred they had planned to move down to London for better prospects. However with the onset of the war the family remained in Scotland until 1949. After which his family moved to Kent in South England. Were his parents remained for the rest of their day's.

    Elijah himself was a boy of contrasts, he was brave but sneaky (though some called him cunning), he was a loner despite being on many of the schools committees and athletic teams, he was confident in his opinions and views and yet shy to express anything personal about himself. He was always the “quite one” in any group activity or committee meeting; he would just sit there almost forgotten and listen to the things said, working them out in his head, and fading into the background until he was ignored. He was always the odd one out and the one that fell into the backdrop, making things work but taking none of the credit.

    Entering his mid teens he felt directionless, as with most things in his life he felt that solutions were simple once you could properly figure out the problem. His problem was that he could not figure out the problem of his life and what to do with it. He eventually decided (largely due to family trips back up to Scotland) that he enjoyed the great outdoors and mountaineering and wanted to pursue a career that would allow him to interact with such an environment on a day to day basis.

    At aged 16 while out camping during one such family holiday he experienced his “first change” into a werewolf. It was an experience he could make neither head nor tails of for over a month after it happened and he often wondered if he had dreamed the whole thing. It was only the shredded tent and the fact he had woken up naked a mile from his campsite that made Elijah sure that the strange events of that night occurred. The change made him feel more confident though and his shyness melted away in the following month. Though the odd whispers and occurrences that happened around him after that point often put him ill at ease and made him miss more than one night’s worth of sleep.

    A month and a half after his change he ran into the group of people that would become his pack for the next 50 years while back in Kent. They explained to him his nature and his responsibilities and initiated him into their culture. It came as no surprise to him when they explained he was Irraka a werewolf who first changed under the new moon, traditionally the stalkers, fixers and spies of werewolf society. He naturally gravitated towards a werewolf sect called “The Hunters in Darkness”, whose roll it was to maintain and protect the natural cycles of the physical and spirit worlds and to look after important items, place and people.
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