Doctor Stroffelnburg

Alias: The Nullifier.
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human
Age: 59
Class/Profession: Psychiatric Doctor

Description: An old man with a slight limp, he uses a cane to get around. Pretty decent looking for his age, though certainly won't win a lookers competition. His friendly smile does more to light up his face than his actual features do. His almost completely white hair that contrast with his dark blue eyes. Doctor Stroffelnburg is always immaculately dressed in his labcoat and white pants and white shoes. Perhaps the only things that aren't white are his cane and his tie.

Personality: A generally friendly and polite person, Doctor Stroffelnburg dreams of a cured Nexus. He is however, quite serious about his work.

Equipment: Has his own psychiatric hospital which has quite a few specialized instruments to use to help achieve his goals. The hospital sits in a null zone that seems to mess with scrying, telepathy, electronics, and other long range communications.

Abilities: He's a skilled psychiatric doctor with a bit of a forceful bent. He's also a strong nullifier. Eldritch blasts of doom roll right off him. Telepathy gathers no insight into his mind. Super speed is suddenly matched by Doctor Stroffelnburg moving just as fast. Shift into a bear and claw him and his skin hardens to the point where it's just like humans clawed into him. Of course, this means he's vulnerable to conventional weaponry or anything that could reasonable exist in a 'normal' world. He's no fighter, so punches, knives, and guns can all take him out quickly without much resistance.

Furthermore, he has the ability to give these abilities to others through complicated brain surgery. However, it comes with a price, stripping the person of any other abilities they may have had, as well as their ability to see anything but a 'normal world'. People all look human, and though some of them have strange conditions, others just translate straight from what they are to normal humans. For instance, goblins are seen as midgets in the conventional modern day use of the word, while orcs just look like the person you passed in the street. It is this belief that holds together the nullifying powers. Should the belief be lost and the person slip back into the Nexus Insanity, they revert, losing their ability to nullify. The surgery can also be reversed by a talented brain surgeon who has knowledge the procedure that Doctor Stroffelnburg used.

Backstory: Not available at this time.

Miscellaneous: Believes the world to be a normal place and the people in the Nexus to be suffering from Nexus Insanity. He aims to cure them and reintegrate them into a functioning society. The scary thing is, based on his inexplicable abilities and beliefs, he might actually be right.

SeeNoEvil, HearNoEvil, SpeakNoEvil

Aliases: Eyes, Ears, Mouth
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Humans
Age: Unknown
Class/Profession: Orderlies

Description: Orderlies dressed entirely in white. They come in groups of threes. Each of them look exactly the same, barring their faces. One of the three only has eyes, one only ears, and one only a mouth. How the first two breathe is a mystery to even me.

Personality: Fairly bland personality wise, they seem to have a fanaticism for working as minions for Doctor Stroffelnburg. They're never seen separate, always working in threes so all their senses are covered. Or maybe they're just really best buds.

Equipment: Often drive white unmarked vans, carry a variety of sedatives for injection, carry nightsticks, tasers, and the occasional straight jacket.

Abilities: Have a psychic connection to the two others in their group that allows them to sense what their compatriots are sensing, so long as they remain close together. In other words, Ears and Mouth see what Eyes see, Mouth and Eyes hear what Ears hears, and Eyes and Ears speak through Mouth. For most intents and purposes they are as one, though they can be separated and as a result, blinded or deafened or unable to eat.

Backstory: Not available at this time.

Miscellaneous: Nullified people see these orderly groups as single persons. These groups themselves are NOT nullified, and therefore vulnerable to all things as normal.