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    Clockwork Dragon
    Construct (Living Construct, Dragonforged)
    Environment: Any mountains or underground, occasionally found on Mechanus and other Lawful planes
    Organization: Wyrmling, very young, young, juvenile, and young adult: solitary, or clutch (2Ė5); adult, mature adult, old, very old, ancient, wyrm, or great wyrm: solitary, pair, or clock (2-5).
    Challenge Ratings: Wyrmling 3; very young 4; young 5; juvenile 7; young adult 9; adult 11; mature adult 14; old 16; very old 18; ancient 19; wyrm 20; great wyrm 23
    Treasure: Triple Standard
    Alignment: Always Lawful Neutral

    Clockwork dragons are a mystery amongst the meta-dragons. Unlike their kin, lodestone dragons, ironrune dragons, brightsteel dragons, and forgewright dragons, the creation of clockwork dragons is unknown. Clockwork dragons claim that they are the natural evolution of meta-dragons, the perfect pinnacle of the breed, intone with the clockwork of reality acting in unison with its flows and rhythms. Course other dragons, meta and otherwise, call that a piece of lies told by conceited wyrms to over inflate their own position.

    Now enough about their origins, greater sages than I couldnít work those out so, I wonít even try it. As to their nature, clockwork dragons are creatures of law. Though native to the Prime they share more in common with modrons and inevitables than humans in mindset, in fact many have migrated to Mechanus because itís more comfortable. Oh thatís not to say they canít lean towards good or evil, but few actually embrace either, and fewer still ever forsake law. They live heavily regimented lives, everything has its time and its place and they donít like interruptions; in fact a good way to get on ones bad side is to make it have to break its schedule, and sometimes they schedule out their lives for years in the future. Of course they arenít as unchanging as modrons or inevitables, but itís still difficult to get them to change their ways. Many spend their time in contemplation of the laws of the multiverse, and some even take it upon themselves to enforce these laws whether attempting to enforce them all or like inevitables enforcing only a specific law varies from dragon to dragon. In truth it is not unheard of for clockwork dragons to work alongside maruts or other inevitables in their pursuit of justice.

    Like other meta-dragons clockwork dragons require magical items in their reproductive cycle. This is an important note when dealing with such dragons as it gives mortals a tool with which to bargain, albeit an expensive tool. Clockwork dragons will sometimes offer aid, though, in return for such treasure, although they will not aid one in breaking cosmic laws.

    Clockwork dragons appear to be made from a brownish-yellow metal, although under their hide clockwork gears can be seen. They have thick, stocky necks, and wide powerful jaws. Their wings are wide but have a smaller wingspan than most dragons. Their tails are long and wide. Surprisingly as they gain size their internal workings become smaller and more complex actually granting them greater agility and speed despite the increase in bulk. By straining themselves they can even push themselves to new levels in a dangerous fashion.

    Age Size Hit Dice Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha BAB/Grp Atk Fort Ref Will Breath Weapon DC Frightful Presence
    Wyrmling S 4d10+4 (26 hp) 11 10 13 14 13 10 3/-1 4 5 1 5 13 -
    Very Young M 7d10+7 (45 hp) 13 10 13 16 15 12 5/6 6 6 2 7 14 -
    Young M 10d10+20 (75 hp) 15 10 15 16 15 12 7/9 9 9 3 9 17 -
    Juvenile L 13d10+39 (110 hp) 17 10 17 18 17 14 9/16 11 11 4 11 19 -
    Young Adult L 16d10+64 (152 hp) 19 10 19 20 19 16 12/20 15 14 5 14 22 21
    Adult H 19d10+95 (199 hp) 23 10 21 22 21 18 14/28 18 16 6 16 24 23
    Mature Adult H 22d10+132 (253 hp) 25 12 23 24 21 18 16/31 21 19 8 18 27 25
    Old H 25d10+175 (312 hp) 27 12 25 24 23 20 18/34 24 21 9 20 29 27
    Very Old H 28d10+224 (378 hp) 29 12 27 26 25 22 21/38 28 24 10 23 32 30
    Ancient G 31d10+279 (449 hp) 33 12 29 28 27 24 23/46 30 26 11 25 34 32
    Wyrm G 34d10+340 (527 hp) 35 12 31 30 27 24 25/49 33 29 12 27 37 34
    Great Wyrm G 37d10+370 (573 hp) 37 12 31 32 29 26 27/52 36 30 13 29 38 36

    Age Speed Init AC SR Special Abilities Artificer Level
    Wyrmling 40-ft, fly 100-ft (poor) +0 20 (+1 size, +9 natural) - Immunity to Slow and Charm, Least Overclock, Light Fortification -
    Very Young 40-ft, fly 100-ft (poor) +0 22 (+12 natural) - Overclock -
    Young 40-ft, fly 100-ft (poor) +0 25 (+15 natural) - Moderate Fortification -
    Juvenile 40-ft, fly 150-ft (clumsy) +0 27 (-1 size, +18 natural) - Clockwork Mind 1st
    Young Adult 40-ft, fly 150-ft (clumsy) +0 30 (-1 size, +21 natural) 16 DR 5/adamantine 3rd
    Adult 40-ft, fly 150-ft (clumsy) +0 32 (-2 size, +24 natural) 18 Construct Body 5th
    Mature Adult 40-ft, fly 150-ft (poor) +1 36 (-2 size, +1 Dex, +27 natural) 20 DR 10/adamantine 7th
    Old 40-ft, fly 150-ft (poor) +1 39 (-2 size, +1 Dex, +30 natural) 22 Greater Overclock 9th
    Very Old 40-ft, fly 150-ft (poor) +1 42 (-2 size, +1 Dex, +33 natural) 24 DR 15/adamantine 11th
    Ancient 40-ft, fly 200-ft (clumsy) +1 43 (-4 size, +1 Dex, +36 natural) 25 Wall of Gears 13th
    Wyrm 40-ft, fly 200-ft (clumsy) +1 46 (-4 size, +1 Dex, +39 natural) 26 DR 20/adamantine and 5/chaos 15th
    Great Wyrm 40-ft, fly 200-ft (clumsy) +1 49 (-4 size, +1 Dex, +42 natural) 28 True Overclock 17th

    Special Abilities

    Breath Weapon (Su): A clockwork dragon has two breath weapons, a cone of haste gas which affects all creatures within with a haste effect for 1 round/age category, no creature may be affected by this breath weapon for 1 minute after the effect ends, and a cone of slow gas which affects all creatures within as with a slow spell for 2 rounds/age category (Will negates).

    Least Overclock (Ex): Once per round a clockwork dragon may take 2 damage per hit die to make an extra move action during any round. This damage cannot be reduced by any means, and bypasses regeneration.

    Overclock (Ex): Once per round a very young or older clockwork dragon may take 2 damage per hit die to make an extra standard action during any round, it may not use this ability and Least Overclock in the same round. This damage cannot be reduced by any means, and bypasses regeneration.

    Clockwork Mind (Ex): A young or older clockwork dragon is immune to all mind-affecting effects, and stunning.

    Clockwork Body (Ex): An adult or older clockwork dragon is no longer subject to critical hits, subdual damage, death from massive damage, necromancy effects, or any spell or spell-like ability which allows a Fort save and does not also affect objects.

    Greater Overclock (Ex): Once per round old or older clockwork dragon may take 2 damage per hit die to make an extra standard and move action. It may not also use Least Overclock or Overclock in the same round. This damage cannot be reduced by any means, and bypasses regeneration.

    True Overclock (Su): A great wyrm clockwork dragon may now use Least Overclock, Overclock, and Greater Overclock in the same round. In addition it may as a standard action duplicate a Time Stop effect by taking 4 damage per hit die. During the Time Stop effect it may not use Least Overclock, Overclock, or Greater Overclock, and it may not initiate the Time Stop effect during the same round that it is using one of the above. After the Time Stop effect ends the clockwork dragon must wait a number of rounds equal to the subjective time it was in the Time Stop before duplicating Time Stop again; it may however continue to use Least Overclock, Overclock, and Greater Overclock.

    Infusions: A clockwork dragon can use infusions as an artificer of the listed level.

    Spell-like Abilities: CL = age category or effective artificer level whichever is higher, 3/day Wall of Gears (ancient or older)

    Skills: Appraise, Autohypnosis, and Martial Lore are class skills of clockwork dragons.
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