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    Quote Originally Posted by Glimbur View Post
    Does he pick the attributes to boost at third level and never change them?
    As written, yes. Though if you wanted to spread them around for some reason, I wouldn't see a problem with that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Glimbur View Post
    It's kind of sad at level 1, when you can't use anything but your unarmed strike which you never want to use past level 1 or those dragon soulmelds which are tricky to get access to.
    Yes, you're giving up weapons and armor, which is the point. But you still have 2 soulmelds, 1 point of essentia, full BAB, 2 strong saves, Wild Empathy (which is actually useful at level 1) and Track. If you're willing to be a dragonblooded race or spend one Feat to become one, you can use Claws of the Wyrm for claws and Draconic Tail for a tail. If you're not, you can still use Blood Talons for Die Hard, Ankheg Breastplate for the equivalent of medium armor, Blink Shirt for Dimension Door, and/or Chaos Roc's Span (Dragon Magazine 350) for 2 wing buffet attacks. So you're not really hurting at first level, IMO.

    Quote Originally Posted by Glimbur View Post
    The soul bind isn't particularly helpful unless you take Shape Soulmeld for an Incarnate soulmeld, as the only soul bind Totemists have is the Threefold Mask. It's a really nice effect though.
    True, but I felt that since you have no magic items, you should be given the option.

    Quote Originally Posted by Glimbur View Post
    Good Will + Slippery Mind is pretty nice, but he doesn't get a cloak/vest of resistance so... but until level 17 he can be buffed by a party member with Arcane Mastery and Spell Penetration which is two feats you might not want otherwise so I'm not worried about it.
    If your Will Save is a persistent issue (which it shouldn't be), you can spend 2 feats to get Immunity to Mind Effecting with Deformity (Madness), or get your Con to Will Saves with Steadfast Determination. But again, this guy wasn't built to be great at everything. He was built for someone who wants to be able to give up all his magic items and still have stuff to do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Realms of Chaos View Post
    Finally realized what this guy needs, I think.

    To truly make up for everything that it loses, I'm pretty sure that it needs a full 11 soulmelds (gaining 1 more at 11th level) and a full 11 chakra binds, thus fully realizing the absolute potential of an incarnum user.
    Hmm. That's potentially a great idea. But that would make him VERY strong. Not Batman Wizard strong, but quite possibly the the strongest possible non-caster/psion/erudite.

    Thanks for the feedback guys. If there is any additional thoughts, I welcome them.