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Hmm. That's potentially a great idea. But that would make him VERY strong. Not Batman Wizard strong, but quite possibly the the strongest possible non-caster/psion/erudite.
Strong? The way I see it, it keeps the poor guy neutral. Don't forget that this guy has to be a base class + all magic items that a normal character would get + all buffs that a normal character would get.

Without incarnum, we have some pretty nice base stats (good saves, bab, skills, and hit dice) but only a couple high ability scores, some fast healing (which steals resources from your soulmelds), damage reduction (stealing resources from your soulmelds again), a decent natural armor bonus (which is gained late and is forced to compensate for a lack of any armor), and immunity to magic (which is pretty good) (oh yeah, and slippery mind). Also, that character can never have any equipment or buffs of any kind.

Even ignoring that last sentence, we are still looking at a (moderately high) tier 4 class. Therefore, it is the job of your incarnum not merely to compensate for the lack of any exterior support but to raise this class to a tier 3 afterwards.