Anya Tzepesci

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Alias: Hag of the North
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Human?
Age: Don't you know it's rude to ask a woman her age?
Class/Profession: Witch

Description: If there's any way to describe her, I'd have to say that she puts the UGH in Fugly. She's a spindly old bat, frequently seen hunched over. Large, baggy brown robes covers much of her features, but her piercing blue eyes and crooked nose say enough.

Personality: Probably a grumpy old thing. Or maybe makes cookies for people before assassinating them. I'm really not sure yet. One of those, play it out and see characters. She definitely has a distinguished air about her though.

Equipment: A variety of Power Orbs.

Created when someone gives up either certain powers, or memories, or emotions. See below. They enable a person to temporarily borrow those powers, memories, etc. for a limited period of time.

Abilities: She can remove people's powers, memories, emotions, etc and turn them into Power Orbs. This can be done forcefully, but takes a huge deal of effort on her part and tends to be resistible means she only attempts this as an absolute last ditch effort to escape a deadly situation. As a result, Anya usually only uses this ability on the willing, and often does so as part of deals she barters. The source of this ability is an ancient necklace, something she conceals under her baggy clothing, making it almost impossible to see without x-ray vision or something similar.

Backstory: You're asking me?

Miscellaneous: Soon to be leader of SAINT.