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    Default Character Directory: Arkangel

    Alexil Chevin Daaarit
    Alias: Goes by Alex or ARKANGEL
    Gender: N/A. Alexil is from a hermaphrodite race with only 1 such category of people.
    Race/Species: Edensi Lunar Human
    Age: 124, As of 8/9/2019. Age is expressed in Base 5 in units of 27 weeks.
    Alignment: Neutral / Unaligned / Colorless
    Profession: Superhero, Smith
    Power Rating: C+
    Long red dreadlocks. Three feet, eleven inches tall, silver skin of flexible mithril, a face once scarred, now pristine. Non-glowing camera eyes hidden behind dark aviator goggles. Only four digits on each limb. Long strong neck. Some clockwork on the inside. Clothes made of woven grass and clouds, with a an armored coat decorated with green-dyed feathers over it. A pair of swords are crossed on hir back, one with a feathered tuft at the pommel, the other with a handle that was visibly broken and repaired.
    The clawmark scars on hir left forearm have healed with hir new skin.
    Personality: Alexil is curious and full of questions. The Nexus and its myriad people are so different from hir world that even after all this time shi's not used to us. Never gonna give up. Nothing's gonna keep hir down. Would make you cry, would say goodbye, but would not tell a lie and hurt you.
    Equipment:A set of bone tools
    A drop spindle
    Burning Winds - A bright katana with a formerly broken handle. Object 525 of 538. May they never come together.
    Bone Knife - A six-inch blade with a finely made storm-cloud handle, worn at hir side. When activated, the blade seeps a powerful flesh-dissolving acid.
    Animating Wand - This crystalline wand gives life to inanimate objects. Best used on giant golden statues in your image.
    Green Dragon Poison - A powerful paralytic, particularly effective against dragons.
    Emergency Stim - Not a toy. For emergency use only. Consists of combat-boosting drugs and medical nanobots.
    Bonewraith Skull - A small skull, worn on a cord off the right side of hir belt, this makes all the user's attacks more damaging and drains away the energy/magic of the opponent.
    Periapt of True Sight - A small blue glass in an intricate bronze frame, this grants the person who looks through it a true seeing effect for up to one hour per day. Chevin wears it as a necklace.
    Shadow Dust - Ground up shadows in a vial.
    Potion of Sexual Orientation Bending - 'Useful for seducing Moffs'. Might find a use for this someday.
    One antimagic grenade, three regular shrapnel grenades.
    Abilities: Weaving, piloting, language translations, swordfighting.
    Pulling things at a distance, or pulling hirself to them if they're more massive.
    Backstory: One day, flying home, Chevin was caught out in a sudden storm. In a flash of lightning(?) the airship was transitioned to a blue sky over a world vast without end: the Nexus. What happened before that - is anything left of that young one?
    Shi made a living weaving clouds, and hir free time hanging around HALO, where wanderings eventually led to claiming a flying island as home. One day shi read something very wrong, and went to a bad bad place, and listened. All the wrongdoing that was, had been, and ever would be poured into hir mind. Burning Winds was released from its Hold, and shi fled from the hounds of the sand, barely making it back to the airship alive. From that day on, the obsession took hold. Separation enforced by partial union. The ends justified the means. Fought alongside Wenomir in the Hunting Grounds, and dueled other seekers in contact points, sabotaging their quests.
    A criminal assembled a team of misfits to become supervillain minibosses as part of a plot to overthrow Inside conquer Riverside destroy Skyside just cause whatever havoc they could. It provided an opportunity. Alexil accepted the offer, receiving the Archangel Armor. Shi destroyed the group from the inside, revealing their potential treacheries, breaking up their families, and turning them against each other until nothing was left. In a brief moment of lucidity, shi wondered if hir methods might be wrong, and sought guidance from the small religions of the Nexus (as the moon here was small and queer, unworthy of reverence), including the Temple of Inari. Malukhar shattered the bonds on hir mind and awoke the sword as a true and dedicated servant of Separation. In return, he just wanted a small favor. So began a quest to challenge an ancient elven empire and the sun itself to recover the Hammer of Creation, during which Alexil was driven mad, banished to the elemental planes, found a cute pet, had hir clothes destroyed by a vengeful god, and learned old techniques of statuemaking. If Winds had not led an expedition into the Caverns of Elemental Earth, shi would have been lost forever.
    Alexil settled into a happy life living on the island with Winds, weaving cloudstuff, and occasionally going to fight evil or create good. Shi challenged a young witch in the skies above Skyside, destroyed an evil cult of human sacrifice, ventured into the dreamlands to end a faerie incursion, descended into the underdark to rescue an Old One, fought robo-vampires preying on the poor. Not to mention other smaller adventures. Just hero stuff.
    Then one day, while visiting a craft guild in Skyside, a monster caught up, boiled hir eyes out of hir skull, and rebuilt Alexil as a biomechanical creature of living mithril: pistons and impellers, cams and gears. Shi was so dense and heavy as to be unable to fly until getting the suit upgraded.

    Miscellaneous: Formerly a seeker, but managed to escape through Nexus weirdness.
    Can be found in hir home on a certain Flying Island, in the town of Aaritvale.

    Gender: Neutral
    Race/Species: ???
    Age: ???
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral / White
    Profession: Superhero/Vigilante
    Power Rating: C+
    A little, living golden statue of a warrior in a mask.
    Personality: Arkangel is Just, without ever being Merciful. Willing to deceive, but never to tell a lie. Will do the specifically right thing no matter the cost.
    Archangel Suit - (yes, with a 'ch') The left arm of a massive powered suit, plus a winglike jetpack and more modest suit of armor for the rest of the body. White feathers and fluffy cloud and spun sunlight and something that's neither silver nor steel, gears and pistons and electric fibers, spindly thruster housings and suggestive edges, launchers and rangefinders and tiny manufactory, only part of a whole, more than enough. A powerful mechanical gauntlet, covering the whole left arm, covered over with golden filigree patterns, increasing strength,
    Containing a dart shooter, and with a tiny single-shot missile launcher on the shoulder.

    Ring of Ventriloquism - Lets one throw their voice without moving their lips.
    Ring of Clairvoyance - Lets one see through another's eyes at a distance. Silver, set with a tiny piece of feldspar.
    Riverside Ring - This crude brass ring, set with a piece of blood-red glass, causes the wearer's hair to form dreadlocks.
    Bracelet of Shortening - A band of woven wires that causes a 1-time loss of 6 inches of height, down to a minimum of 3 feet.
    Golden Inca Mask - Turns the wearer a solid gold color and lets them see magical effects, with different types appearing as different colors.

    Breaker Knife - Able to cut through any non-living thing easily.
    Hunting Sword - A curved longsword, shaped from a single long bone, wrapped with leather to form a handle. When its wielder wills, seeps a powerful flesh-dissolving acid.

    A lethal taser, night vision goggles, and a flashlight. Use them well!

    "Many of the little spirits of this world claim the title of god. They are not worth of worship. Most are not even worth of emulation or particular respect. Mere mortals and elementals grown too strong to know their place. Some can't even compare to me, much less to Delegion. But there are things here that approach the divine. I met a demiurge called Malukhar who was at least equal to the Balance. But even these are not true, transcendant divinities. In any case, I am no god's messenger. I serve the truth.
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