We're making some changes around here, and one of them is to offload the crunch-heavy D&D 3.5 articles to the forums. In this thread, you'll find all the articles that contained new mechanical ideas that I wrote: both This Old Rule articles, all 4 prestige classes, the sole base class, and several articles of feats, spells, and monsters. What you won't find are articles by other authors--I don't necessarily have permission to post them in any other form--and the pre-made NPCs. The non-crunch game theory articles (such as the New World) are still on the website proper for the time being.

Since I had to reformat these for the forums, I took a few extra minutes to write up my thoughts on each one. Even if you aren't counting the release of the new 4th Edition, the 3.5 game changed a lot after I wrote these; the most recent article was still from 2004! Some of the things that were perfectly acceptable then seem quaint or underpowered now. In my comments, I have some ideas for keeping them relevant as well as my uncensored ideas on whether what I wrote back then was any good at all. The biggest notes are for the Champion class, which I've written 20 new feats for in an attempt to allow it to stand toe-to-toe with more recent classes.

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I'm going to lock this thread, but you have permission to begin a new message board thread here in Homebrew to discuss if anyone wants.