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    The Programmer
    Power Level: X
    Height: X
    Weight: X
    Age: X
    Gender: X
    Race: Outsider
    Country of Origin: X
    Professions: Programmer
    Current Occupation: Anything Required
    Last known location: Everywhere
    Posessions: Objects retrieved from The Code
    Disposition: Cynical, Scatterbrained
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Background No one is quite certain where The Programmer comes from. It's entirely possible he was created within the Nexus itself when it was first made. He claims to be from another level of reality, but he seems to be living in this one instead.

    Abilities The Programmer can appear in any place he wants in the Nexus, sometimes in more than two places. He can also alter The Code, changing his own appearance and the world around him to better suit his needs. He has, however, taken a vow not to alter another person's Code directly. Something about glitches.

    Weaknesses - Often overlooks details that seem obvious to others.

    Characteristics Appears and disappears when and where he desires, seemingly at random. Yet he always takes his job seriously, even if it doesn't seem like it to those around him.

    Weapons and Equipment Nearly anything that The Nexus can provide.


    None, yet.
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