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    Edgar Valentine

    Alias: The man formerly known as Prince.

    Gender: Currently Male.

    Race/Species: Currently Human.

    Age: 21 years old at the moment, to much to count overall.

    Alignment: Chaotic Whatever-I-Feel-Like.

    Class/Profession: Jack of All Trades, Master of Plenty.

    Power Rating: 4 on the Quinsar scale, C+ on the Neon Knight scale.

    Description: Quite handsome, in a not ridiculously handsome way. Wears his brown hair in a ponytail and pays more attention to his looks than he lets on. Edgar always wears a red jacket with gold embroidery over a chainmail shirt, as well as a ripped up pair of jeans.

    Equipment: Bandoleer of knives and daggers, most of which are enchanted, AK-47 with grenade launcher attachment, heavily enchanted saber and .44 magnum. Also carries a ragged belt pouch containing money and various items, including a journal containing hundreds of lifetimes worth of knowledge.

    Abilities: having had a truly, incredibly, mind-blowingly massive amount of time to learn he has picked up a ridiculous amount of skills, although he isn't necessarily good at all of them (if he cooks pancakes he's trying to kill you). Mainly good at thieving and assassination skills, a decent minstrel and excellent with a blade

    Backstory: Edgar's original life was that of a thief, before being recruited by the assassins of his home-world. As it turned out, he was not only a exceptional assassin, but almost inhumanly good at it. After a unintentional (and unsuccessful) assassination attempt on a god, he was made an Eternal Champion, meaning he would endlessly reincarnate, in order to fight the forces of evil and bla bla bla. Long story short, he succeeded, making him one of the almost microscopic list of Eternal Champions who actually put their enemy down for good. Sadly however, this did not mean he stopped reincarnating, leaving him with an eternity on his hand and nothing to do with it. Long story short, after spending a countless amount of years doing everything he can to keep himself occupied, Edgar has reincarnated in the Nexus, and is looking for any kind of work he can get.
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