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    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: None
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Class: Supervillain
    Power Rating: C- to B-

    Physical Description:

    Magtok is a cyborg, a man with half his body composed of prosthetics. He uses a purple set of hooded robes as his costume, possesses a self-inflicted scar over one eye, and had the other replaced with an infrared prosthetic. More often than not, due to the design of the robes and the electromagnetic device built into his spine, Magtok decides legs aren't really necessary, and simply hovers around without them.

    Equipment and Abilities: Magtok has access to a wide range of firearms and laser weaponry, as well as other fancy gadgets and gizmos. Whether he can actually use any of this equipment is a matter of opinion. However, because Mag's fully aware of how pathetically useless and prone to danger he's built himself a series of cloning vats in his home, which keep him from permanently kicking the bucket, at the cost of his clones being entirely soul-less abominations, hated by death gods and celestial beings in charge of various afterlives.

    Personality: Magtok is an eccentric genius, a sociopath, a coward, and a clown. He'll happily dress up like a 30s-era gangster and rob banks with a modified laser-blasting Tommy gun, shamelessly beg a hero for mercy and then stab them in the throat, confidently stride into a lab to steal valuable cloning research whilst followed by marching band of Magbots armed with plasma-firing trumpets and trombone rifles, and pathetically run away screaming at the top of his lungs if he's clearly outmatched. While he doesn't care much for others, he won't kill unless he feels it's necessary, a matter of revenge, or if it'd look really cool. A long history of abuse has left him with a compulsion to try to be respected and adored by everyone, whilst simultaneously causing him to push people away and isolate himself from any sort of emotional attachments.

    History: While little is known of the cyborg's history, records of conversations with several therapists, former hostages, and the occasional goon hired for his "projects" paint an interesting picture. Magtok alledges that when he was born, a black cat fell on his internet-literate mother, prompting her to shout "OMG, KAT!", just as she was being asked to provide a name for her newborn child, which led to being ostracized and teased as a child until he snapped, made an anagram of his old name, and turned to villainy.

    Several other accounts make mention of an alcoholic ex-cop father and a prostitute mother who'd frequently get into arguments over which of them was the worse stereotypical angsty backstory parent. Another tale suggests that he was a secret government research project that escaped and destroyed the secret base he was born in like in countless other stereotypical lab experiment backstories, but the general lack of government agents out to get him, shortage of hookers or ex-cops who can pass a paternity test, and the fact that no records exist of a child being named OMG KAT suggest each and every one of his backstory claims are silly lies to cover up whatever uncomfortable truths he doesn't want people to know about.

    In all seriousness though, Magtok's got a long history, mostly due to being RPed for several years now in this section of the forum. While I could easily go on for hours typing up his history with AMEN, fighting the TDI, being assaulted by Idiotarum, fighting with Cal and Reinholdt and GLoG, and everything else that he's done here on this forum, I'm not going to, as that'd be boring and more trouble than it's worth. So , you'll just have to piece it together IC.
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