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    Paladin Academy: Part 44

    Viola, Kurama, and Penny all started at Grim for a moment with Grim smiling back at them menacingly. The seconds ticked by incredibly slow. Then Viola charged straight for Grim.

    Grim reacted to her charge with amusement. Before she was even halfway to him, he swiped his hand across in front of him, causing a slash of darkness to fly through the air at her. Viola instinctively reacted by swinging her sword to intercept the darkness. The vibrating sword cut the dark slash in two, causing it to dissolve into a black mist. She continued unabated towards her foe, stabbing her sword straight for Grim.

    At the last second, Grim sidestepped to his left to avoid her blade. With her off balance for that one instant, Grim's armored hand swung forth and slapped her across the face, causing her to fall back. Laying on the floor in shock, Viola looked up to see Grim grasping his sword in both hand, ready to stab her. Then a dark blur plowed into Grim, causing him to fly back into the wall. The next thing she knew, Kurama was kneeling next to her.
    "Are you alright?"

    Viola sat up to a sitting position.
    "Y-Yes. What was...?"
    She stopped as her question was answered. Penny had flown across the room and impacted directly into Grim, causing them both to end up flattened against the opposing wall.

    Grim snarled in frustration.
    "Why you-!"
    He pushed Penny off him and raised his sword. He however froze in place as he saw Penny defy falling to the floor and instead float above him.

    Penny smiled at his shocked face.

    Grim recovered from his shock and swung his sword at her. She dodged by flying above it and proceeded to fly around him. Grim threw several swings at her, but she effortlessly dodged them all. Until her back was pressed up to a wall, did she suddenly jump with a start. Without hesitation, Grim gripped his sword in both his hand and swung at her with all his might.
    "I have you now!"
    Penny reacted by swing her sword one handed to try and intercept Grim. Viola could see it was pointless. Grim was throwing his entire weight behind his swing, while Penny was doing it one handed, not to mention how much lighter she was to him. The sword flew slowly as Viola dreaded the outcome.

    Then, when the swords struck, a loud ringing clang of metal on metal was heard. The sound was so loud, Viola saw the entire room glow brightly for a second, being able to see every little detail of the room. After the ringing, Viola witness the impossible happen. Penny's sword not only stopped Grim's blow, but was slowly pushing him back. Grim was caught so off guard and off balance that he stumbled precariously backwards. Penny quickly raised her sword again and swung at Grim, cutting through his armor and skin.

    The wound was quickly healed, but the demoralizing effect on Grim had gripped him tightly. He stepped back nervously, the darkness reforming itself over his armor. Penny didn't give him a chance to do anything else as she was already swing her sword at him again. Grim tried to block her blows, but his sword was knocked aside effortlessly. Finally, Penny swung widely, cutting through his darkness armor, regular armor, skin, flesh, and unmistakably bone. Grim gripped his arm tightly as the darkness concentrated itself violently over the affliction. He looked up at her in horror.

    Penny wore a grim that could be seen a mile as she was practically celebrating in her achievement.
    "Simple. I can effect the weight of myself and anything I touch. So when I swing, I'm making the sword super heavy in mid swing."

    Grim's eyebrows lowered, calculating.
    "Is that so?"
    He then let go of his arm, which had fully healed by then, and held his hand out. Darkness quickly enveloped them both until they were out of sight. Then Viola saw a flash of Grim hitting Penny in the side of the head with the flat of his sword as the sound echoed out.
    "You can't hit what you can't see, can you?!"

    Viola grit her teeth in frustration. In an instant, she was on her feet and running straight towards the darkness. Kurama's voice echoed behind her.
    "Viola! Stop!"

    She plunged straight through the darkness, raising her sword as she did so. With the last echoing effects of Kurama's voice, Viola could see the rapidly fading outline of Grim, who was turning to face her. Then the entire room lit up again as her sword met his with a full on blow. Viola concentrated and proceeded to throw blow after blow at Grim. She felt the warmth of her sword as it vibrated a humming sound as she swung it about. She found that in addition to the swords hitting each other, she could roughly see Grim the closer her sword was to him.

    Then, Grim feinted and punched her directly in the stomach. Before she had time to gasp from the blow, something heavy was pushing her backwards, causing her to fly through the air. She crashed into a spear rack and fell over onto the ground. The darkness that had carried her quickly evaporated.

    Before Grim could admire what he done, a blade came narrowly close to hitting his shoulder as he stepped aside. He quickly noticed a layer of ice forming over the side of his face and the side of his arm as Kurama continued to attack him. The darkness quickly dispersed the ice as Grim raised his sword against Kurama. Despite Kurama's skill with a sword, he could not cut through the darkness armor like Penny could. Grim took advantage of this and knocked Kurama onto his side. As he stood over him, ready to stab, Penny crashed squarely into his back and the two were again flying across the room.

    Grim recovered much quicker this time and turned around to face her.
    "I've had enough of you!"
    Ducking under one of her swings, he managed to grab hold over her mouth. Viola managed to get to her feet at this time and quickly raced forward to help Penny. Grim however saw her approach and threw Penny directly at her. Viola was knocked over from intercepting the thrown eight year old girl and found herself once again on the ground. Kurama however was on his feet again and was swinging his sword at Grim.

    Viola quickly rolled Penny off her, ready to help Kurama in the fight. Suddenly, movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention and she looked back down at Penny. Her immediate thought was that Penny was having a seizure of some sorts. It was then that Viola saw the darkness firmly clamped over Penny's mouth and nose. Penny's eyes were wide with desperation as she was futility clawing at the darkness with her fingers.

    Grim had knocked Kurama aside once again and looked over at Viola. A smile played over his lips as he looked at the struggling girl.
    "One down. Two to go."

    Panic was filling Viola's body.
    "What did you do to her?!"

    Grim pointed at the darkness on Penny's face.
    "I made the darkness solid, preventing any air from getting to her lungs. She is effectively suffocating right now."

    The world seemed to become surreal to her as she looked back down at Penny. Her eyes were slowly losing focus and closing. Viola tried to pry the darkness off, but it was firmly latched onto Penny's mouth. In her panicked state, she thought furiously to think up a solution. Then it suddenly clicked that her sound seemed to effect Grim's darkness. Looking at her hand, she concentrated, feeling the warmth spread through it. She then felt and heard her hand vibrating rapidly, causing it to hum faintly. She then looked back down at Penny's closed eyes. Hoping it wasn't too late, she pressed her hand onto the darkness.

    Instantly, the darkness began to evaporate into a mist upon contact with her hand. In less than a minute, all of the darkness was off. However, Penny did not react or move after the darkness was off her face. Fear gripped around Viola's insides at what the outcome seemed to be. She quickly placed her ear right to Penny's chest and listened as hard as she could.


    ...Then a faint "Thu-dump" was heard. It was so faint that no normal human could hear it, but Viola's sensitivity to sound could unmistakably make out the sound of a heart beat and the slow sound of soft breathing. Viola sat back up with a huge sigh of relief.

    Grim however looked down at her with disappointment.
    "So, you managed to save Penny, huh? Big deal. Because now its your life that's at stake now."
    He took a step towards her. Just then, Viola saw Kurama appear behind Grim, swing his sword as if to decapitate him. Grim however must have sensed Kurama and managed to duck under it just in time. He then kicked off at the floor and flew across the room out through the hole he made early with the help of his darkness.

    Viola quickly placed Penny down gently onto the floor and raced out with Kurama through the hole. They emerged onto a balcony with Grim facing them both. Behind him, Viola saw as the last of the sun's rays disappeared over the horizon. Grim's face was full of victorious mirth.
    "Darkness has fallen. I am now invincible."
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