The King

Alias: The King kind of is an alias itself. Although that's because not even he knows what his name is, if he ever had one.

Gender: Appears to be male.

Race/Species: Strange frog-man-type thing.

Age: He's not sure.

Alignment: Chaotic awesome.

Class/Profession: If he ever had a profession, he's forgotten it by now.

Power Rating: Almost never attacks. Power is very scalable, anything from none at all right up to A-ish levels.

Description: The King appears to be a man, except his head is that of a frog's. On top of the frog-head rests a small crown, and he is dressed in a somewhat regal fashion, in a red doublet, goldish trousers, and a dark red cape, fastened with a fancy-looking silver clasp. He holds a kind of staff-sceptre sort of thing in one of his hands; a tall, golden rod, ending in a red orb and three points. But not even any of this is the most unusual thing about the man.

That most unusual thing is the strange aura surrounding him, extending about a foot around him in all directions. It shines with all the colours in the spectrum, and within it, light filtering through trees appears to be visible. Objects around the man and within the aura seem to be bending into it slightly. Odd.

((I made that myself. Even the background. I'm so proud. :> ))

Personality: A little verbose. Seems incapable of many emotions beyond intoxicated contentment, a very British polite outrage, and confusion.

Equipment: Has a crown and sceptre that are visible. Pulls a lot of strange items out of his aura.

Abilities: Heals people, floats around. Appears to summon and control plants, animals and suchlike. Capable of bending reality a little to suit his needs, though never on purpose. Contact with his aura will induce a very strong, but entirely random emotion within organic beings. Extended contact with his aura has... stranger effects.

Backstory: To be revealed in EPIC PLOTZ at some point. Maybe.

Miscellaneous: -