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    Mia Mechanicus

    Alias: Mia
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 16
    Alignment: Near True chaotic but not sure at all.
    Class/Profession: High Priest of Deus Mechanicus.
    Power Rating: E+ (She is weak with some skills to stay alive.)
    Description: : Mia is a young human girl. She is around 1,60 cm in higth and has very pale skin due to her church services and lectures. Her long silk hair matches the amber color of her eyes. She got a slim body with some feminine curves, thought she hopes for a little growth spurt.

    In her free time Mia wears a short sleeved white skirt under a red/orange west. A short red/orange skirt and simular colord comfortable shoes macht the west.
    During church service she wears a long red/orange robe with some white strypes and several Symbols that represent part or machines. Those Symbold are golden, chopper or iron colored and they are even usable to the High priestress robe inhabits protection mechanisms.

    While she started sword training under Wenomir she wears a grey tight womans sportswear and a light leather armor. Her hear got bound to a ponytail.

    Personality: Due to her early call to the church she appears mostly timed. While sometimes her childish side can appear which she supresses most of the time.
    Equipment:MDM (Mini Deus Mechanicus) Power Rating: c+ Able to beat people, but without upgrade not even equal to unnatural strong people [Currently corrupted by the demons]

    A sword made by Christopher:
    Spoiler: Longsword
    Alpine Forge - Mia

    Christopher doesn't appear bothered by the divine presence although he can definitely sense it, but the Cherub on his shoulder gives the god a small wave and a smile before she slides off of Christopher's shoulder so she can hang off of his neck as he works. Unlike when Wenomir first met him, Christopher seems keen to work without his mana this time around.

    It takes nearly an hour to set up everything, but by the end of the first hour the forge is blasting out heat, powders prepared, and barrels filled with liquids are opened up for quenching. The ingots of copper, gold, and silver are all put into small cauldrons to melt while the electrum, iron, and steel rods are all put into the furnace to heat. The final item to be positioned, a small quartz anvil, is set right in the center of the workbench.

    Over the course of the next several hours, the rods are heated, hammered, folded, and pressed together all into one as the ingots melt. With every swing of his hammer on the anvil, a small electrical spark strikes the blade as well. Between each created layer the smith dusts the metal with powders of pure silicon, quartz, and the magic crystal that Wenomir had given him, adding new materials to the blade. When the blade is finally shaped how he wants in general, the smith takes his time to create the broad fuller along the center of it before dipping it into the barrels to quench. Flames erupt from one as oil ignites while electrical sparks crackle in the second.

    Finally he dips it into a fine white powder to let it rest and cool. After it does, he pulls it out, revealing an ugly rough blade of several dull colors, but then he gets to work on polishing and grinding. Only then does the Cherub leave his back to pick up Mia's holy symbol and get to work. Using a set of fine tools, she dips out molten copper, gold, and silver, channeling the energy of Mia's god into the metals as she forms a copy of the holy symbol. It takes a bit of work, but once the metal cools completely she takes the smaller piece over to Christopher.

    The sword, now ground and partly polished, shines brightly of steel and the blue-grey electrum with layers and waves of black and grey on the edges. Where he made the groove the sword is almost see-through as if it was like looking through leaded glass. The miniature holy symbol the Cherub made is placed on the blade, right in the center of the groove and above the tang where the crossguard goes. When it is placed, Christopher dusts the blade with more of the fine black powder he used before and then pours the remainder of the molten gold, silver, and copper over the entire work. Instead of ruining the blade or sticking to it, it leaves a metallic sheen and makes it so the holy symbol is merged fully with the blade.

    For the crossguard, he goes for surprisingly simple steel though he takes the time to etch it with copper and electrum before deciding to weld it to the blade. A short time with a hand-held grinder and the weld is made smooth. For the grip, he covers the tang with oak before gently wrapping it in black eel's skin. A second copy of the holy symbol is placed at the very bottom as a pommel and finally the sword is complete and offered to Wenomir and Mia to inspect.

    The blade is a few ounces heavier than the typical steel longsword, but well balanced. There's no innate magical properties to it apart from holding magic, but it will have an affinity to channel electricity as well as the energy of Mia's god.

    Staff of a High priestress:
    a woosen staff with several electric wire who entwine it. On top hover 4 cogweals each connected to two others in a strange war so it looks like an endless loop while each of them keeps turning around.

    Abilities: She is able to animate machines. The animated machines can be linked to other persons(see Andy's arm for example.)
    She can animate metal Junk and make it a robot, which isn't very strong, but will work.
    Also She can hit her companion MDM and make him a fightinng machine to defend her
    Backstory: Comes Later

    Church of Deus Mechanicus

    The place itself is surrounded by a stone wall. The wall appears to be made to keep unsolicited people away, but never leaves the image of a prison. The Iron Gate is guards by two of these Guards each of them appears to be 9 feet Tall, but they show no weapons. The gate is open , but the guards watch every person coming in.

    Behind the Gate appears to be a large building with a huge gate that even allows dragons to pass without shifting into another form. The building itself is made of Iron, steel and chopper. On the wall hang two giant banners showing a giant metal being in a shadow.

    Several people walk around study or just work. Most of them are followed by a guard. People may thing they watch over them, but in fact they assists the humans warning them when they are lost in their work to avoid running into a wall.

    Acolyts: [12]
    1. Gabrial (Programmer)

    Robots: [12]
    1. Semian
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