The Snares FFRP Character Compendium!

Just keepin' all my characters in one place for easy linkage.

Efrim Artelo - a still-just-about-teenager born into a criminal dynasty, but determined to be Good (or at least Neutral) nonetheless. A skilled fighter with knives. Member of WATCHTOWER.

Thierry Artelo - a man in his late forties. Efrim's father, and the spectacularly incompetent former head of the criminal dynasty. A general unskilled coward. Convinced he is a criminal mastermind. Likes suits. Lives at GLoG.

Sunshine - a huge, genderless, vaguely wolf-like creature who dresses in a long black robe. Pursues power as much as it can. An obviously skilled mage, but also a formidable fighter. Member of AMEN.

The King - a strange frog-man type thing with a number of unusual abilities. Verbose and capable of being both amazingly perceptive and amazingly oblivious. Has no knowledge of how he came to be how he is or why.