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    FULL NAME: Lord Thadius

    Alias: Scar
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human, German Ancestry
    Age: 25 Years
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Class/Profession: Tactician, Dark Lord, Mechanist, Pilot, Genetic Engineer
    Power Rating: 6 by Quinsar Scale
    Description: A German male of superior physical state. Blond hair, blue eyes, straight-faced. About 6' 1" in height. Weighs around 260 lbs. Defined cheekbones and muscles. Has a slight accent. Straight eyebrows and perfect teeth. He exudes perfection with all of his polished qualities.
    Equipment: Generally wears dark robes but occasionally wears black-plated high quality stealth armor. He always carries two beam swords on him, which he masterfully wields in combat. He generally wears a black mask. In public he wears a black suit always freshly pressed with polished shoes. He carries an excessive amount of money on him at all times with his identity card and hologram projector to communicate with his apprentice.
    Abilities: Cloaks, Can Manipulate Light and Shoot It In Beams of Energy, Illusionist, Mechanist, Command Voice, Tactician, Dark Aura, High Determination and Intimidation, Very Attractive, Can Summon Abominations to Do His Bidding, Shares a Neural Uplink with Alexander Pyborne, Skilled Combatant, Pilot, Can Create Portals to Other Areas Via Incantation
    Backstory: Served as a pilot in the airforce during his early years, eventually rising to a high rank. He then left the military forces to teach tactics where he met Alexander Pyborne, becoming his master. After his town was destroyed, he turned to evil, adopting Pyborne as his apprentice. Not much else is known about him. He guards his past with his very life, for that is his Achilles heel.

    Theme Song(shared with Alexander Pyborne): Comfort Eagle by Cake
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