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    Nite De Luca
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    Alias: N/A

    Race/Species: Vampire // Iron Golem

    Age: 71

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Class/Profession: Assassin

    Power Rating: C+

    Description: Nite is the victim of a horrible accident. He forcefully came into contact with an iron golem while releasing excessive amounts of magical energy. He is now merged the golem. He stands seven feet tall and four feet wide. He has large, solid red orbs for eyes and large bone fangs. He is primarily made of ebony now, after some recent repairs. He generally wears a large, black cloak.

    Personality: Nite has a tendency to act rashly. He is prone to sudden mood swings without much provocation. He is much more subdued then prior to his recent accidents. It is likely only Serena's presence that keeps him going.

    - One of those pretentious bluetooth ear phones.
    - A black power ring.
    - A silver wedding band on a near indestructible chain.
    - A fireproof cloak with a darkness spell on the inside.

    Abilities: He is nearly a master of a form of magic that is based in his emotions. He has also trained for many years in a martial art that focuses on the use of a dadao and mixing magic with physical combat.

    His black power ring gives him the ability to:
    - read people's emotional state.
    - feed off people's emotions.
    - make energy constructs

    ~Has unnatural strength that exceeds that of a normal mangolem.
    ~Can regenerate, but at a slow pace.
    ~Can suck the blood of the living by biting them, and can choose to make his victims vampires or to just suck them dry.
    ~Can hypnotize someone if that person is weak minded enough, but only if he is able to stare them directly in the eye for about 3 seconds.
    ~Will burst into flames if exposed to the sun.
    ~Will burst into flames when in contact with anything holy. Only if there is a particularly strong belief in it that is close-by, so he's not going to be harmed by the "holy vampire cloak" of "hocus pocus religion on the other side of the world".
    ~Is paralyzed if a piece of wood (stake or not) goes through his heart. It won't kill him, but he won't be able to move, think, or do anything at all until some nice (re; stupid) passerby removes it.
    ~Can't cross running water.
    ~Can't enter a home uninvited.

    Backstory: Nite lived his whole life in Gul-Thadar. He married Serena and had Adele with her. The day came for him to leave his home, just like his wife and many others before him, and seek out a vampire to turn him.

    Miscellaneous: When experiencing a powerful emotion Nite will glow a colour that reflects this emotion.
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