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    Scot Pilot

    Gender: Male


    Race: Human

    alignment: neutral

    Class: Bard/Warlord

    Power rating:

    Description: a tall slender young man , with middle European looks, with short brown hair and hazel eyes. he wears something that looks like a Prusian military uniform, with an added cape , and extra frills. always carries an energy rapier at his side

    Personality: a poetic young man, who lets his emotions control his actions ,more than his reasoning. he feels strong discontent against the likes of The empire, who do little to help the common man, and organisations such as HALO and GLoG for only treating symptoms , not the "disease"

    Equipment, and abilities: When he does listen to his head instead of his heart, he can be a tactical genius. his coat is made out of a polymer that toughens under stress, and has an anti magic enchantment on it. his energy rapier is able to block rapiers, and pierce though light to medium armour with relative ease, even through some kinds of energy shielding
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