I think this is a fairly decent (if not good but I don't want to toot my own horn) Swashbuckler fix, combining elements of the Duelist prestige class with the Complete Warrior Swashbuckler, with a dash of my own homebrew shenanigans. Please comment and help me balance this out, but uh; be gentle, it's my first time ()

Fixed Swashbuckler
BAB: As stated (Full BAB)
Skills: Add Intimidate (Cha) and Perform(Cha)
Number of skill points: Stands at 4+Int
Hit Die: d10, as written
Saves: Good Fort, Good Ref, Poor Will (Good Ref added)
Weapons and Armor: Stands as is (all simple and martial weapons and light armor)

Special Abilities Removed:
Removed Grace +n (Have a good Ref save, no need for that feature)
Removed Improved Flanking (useless in general)
Removed Dodge Bonus (worse then useless)
Removed Wounding+Weakening Critical (no longer fits)
Removed Lucky (get a luck feat *******)

Special Abilities Kept:
Acrobatic Charge at 7th level (Ignore difficult terrain in a charge)
Weapon Finesse as a bonus 1st lvl feat (Vital)
Insightful Strike at 3rd lvl (Int to bonus damage with Weapon Finesse weapons)
Acrobatic Skill Mastery lvl 13(Add Balance and Use Rope in addition to Jump and Tumble)
Slippery Mind at level 17 (Reroll Will save to avoid mind control next round)

Special Abilities added:
-Canny Defense: Add Int modifier (if positive) as a dodge bonus to AC when wearing light or no armor, +1 at levels 5, 10, 15, 20, totaling to +4 at lvl 20. (like monk). If the swashbuckler would be denied his Dexterity bonus to AC for any reason, he also loses this Dodge bonus to AC. 1st level
-Precise Strike +1d6: Starting at 2nd level and increasing by 1d6 ever 4 levels there after (+2d6 at level 6, +3d6 at level 10, ect.), whenever the Swashbuckler attacks with a light piercing weapon or a piercing weapon that can be used with Weapon Finesse and his opponent is denied their Dexterity bonus (even if they don't normally have one) or is flanked, the Swashbuckler can execute a Precise Strike, dealing extra damage. This damage only affects creatures with discernible anatomies who are subject to critical hits. If the Swashbuckler critically hits, this extra damage is not multiplied. (Akin to rogues sneak attack, but with a slowed progression due to higher BAB and such)
-Uncanny Dodge: At 2nd level, the Swashbuckler retains his Dexterity bonus to AC even when considered flat footed.
-Bonus Feat: At 3rd level and every 3 levels thereafter, the Swashbuckler may pick a bonus feat selected from the fighter bonus feat list. He still must meet all prerequisites.
-Evasion: At 5th level the Swashbuckler gains Evasion, as per the Rogue ability.
-Improved Uncanny Dodge: As the rogue ability, gained at 7th level.
-Find the Mark: At 8th level, the swashbuckler increases his threat range by one whenever he uses a melee weapons with which he can apply weapon finesse. This ability stacks with other abilities that increase threat ranges. ( a keen rapier in the hands of a Swashbuckler would have a threat range of 14-20; 18-20x2 threat range=15-20+1 threat range=14-20)
-Improved Evasion: As the rogue special ability, gained at level 10 by the swashbuckler.
-Deflect Arrows: At level 11, the swashbuckler may use any weapon that falls under the purview of Weapon Finesse to deflect ranged attacks. This ability functions just as the feat, but the swashbuckler uses a weapon as opposed to his empty hands.
-Improved Find the Mark: Level 16: As Find the Mark, but the threat range is improved by 2 rather then 1.
-Én Guarde!: At 20th level, the Swashbuckler can assault their opponent with lightning fast strikes, more thrusts and slashes then seem possible. Using a weapon that falls under the Weapon Finesse description, the Swashbuckler may once a day use a full round action to make twice as many attacks as they would normally receive. (In short, roll two attacks for every one you would normally make).

1st: Canny Defense, Weapon Finesse
2nd: Uncanny Dodge, Precise Strike +1d6
3rd: Bonus Feat, Insightful strike
4th: -
5th: Evasion
6th: Bonus Feat, Precise Strike +2d6
7th: Acrobatic Charge
8th: Find the Mark
9th: Bonus Feat
10th: Precise Strike +3d6, Improved Evasion
11th: Deflect Arrows
12th: Bonus Feat
13th: Acrobatic Skill Mastery
14th: Precise Strike +4d6
15th: Bonus Feat
16h: Improved Find the Mark
17th: Slippery Mind
18th: Bonus Feat, Precise Strike +5d6
20th: Én Guarde!