It's better than the old swashbuckler, but still not very good. All it can do is hit people, besides its skills. And skills without class support are not very good. I'd include extra uses for Bluff, Diplomacy, Perform, and Tumble. Some of these you could just provide free skill tricks (complete scoundrel) but some, like bluff, deserve unique mechanics. For example: 1/encounter, make a bluff check against an opponent's HD+Wis modifier. If you succeed, they lose their next turn due to distraction. It's ok that this works on vermin and undead and animals because they have a lot of HD for their CR, so it is less likely to actually succeed. Take inspiration from Errol Flynn. But that's still in combat stuff... What else should a swashbuckler be able to do? Answer that question, and then make mechanics to let them try it.

Also, it's inferior to straight swordsage in combat potential. The precise strike is ok, but ToB maneuvers are more powerful. There is room for more combat abilities as well.