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    Alias: C4

    Gender: Male.

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 24

    Alignment: chaotic true chaotic

    Class/Profession: Mage assasin, Pyrotechnican

    Power Rating: D

    Description: Zefir is 6'1" tall. He has dark blond hair and brown eyes. He usually wears some leatherboots, improved with his explosives, normal Jeans and a shirt and he got two shoulder pads.

    Personality: He is very open and sometimes a bit crazy but who isn't? As a leader of AMEN he can't trust anyone around.(also related to IC events). He doesn't known that one of the Objects corrupted him, filling his mind with other personalities. They haven't shown yet, but they keep an eye on him from inside.
    His secret identety is more like he was while entering the nexus.

    Equipment: Aside from normal clothes he has 2 bags. The first is a bag of holding which has many commen things like clothes, spoone, knife, dice shampoo etc. The other one is the "Bag of endless Boom". Inside is allways some explosive from a C4 to dynamite or a holy grenade.
    Wand of Mutate Animals (From Rein Auction)
    Holder of Several Objects
    22. It's a vial that, if you drink out of it, causes a change by filling your body with chaotic energy. The effects come at random see list below.
    {table]1| Turns person into a little cute animal.
    2| Person becomes a Kid (If Kid it grows to an adult)
    3| Gender Bender
    4| Becoming a Half Dragon Player choose color. (Get breath attack wings and tail.)
    5| Muation. Growing a third arm a shell on the bag or Bunny ears.
    6| Becoming Hulk

    (Not sure if he still holds them or not Didn't really care about them)

    Dragon Baby: Alexstrasza (Last time, a bit Grown., Last seen as teenager.)

    Abilitys: He has nothing overnatural but his "Bag of endless Boom" is allways full of explosive
    Related to his backstory he can't use magic, but at some way he is able to get used to spells and become nearly immun to them. At all it needs time to get this immunitie and it's also related to the spell itself. If the spell is a permanent spell Zefir is able to get used to him faster than to one moment spells. On the other side spells like fireball aren't affected.

    Backstory: For short. Zefirs father was a real military and named his childs like weapons or anything that came from the army. All childs became used to there names so Zefir (C4) became used to explosives. The bag was a present to his 20th birthday and often saved his life. Zefir entered the nexus by accident he blew up a lab of a france scientist and fall into his world traveler.

    Spoiler: More story (in work)

    Without the ability to use magic in any way Zefir got special. That made his Youth very sad. Near none wanted to spend time with him, since Zefir wasn't able to play their games or just because they feared they could get the same. Having no need to study, he focused in training his body and mind to pass the gap between him and the others. Back then he didn't realize the advantage he got...
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