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    Mortal Coil Personnel

    Overview: Mortal Coil is a special forces unit working inside the Empire to help protect the citizens of Inside against supernatural forces. They are trained to fight most known creatures that are beyond a normal mortal's power level, and rarely seek compromise. They are well equipped and trained in many different forms of combat.

    Any member who has special equipment will be labeled in their entry, but otherwise, it's assumed they have the general equipment listed here*.

    *The list is not complete.

    This is what awaits each member after they die and wait to be resurrected. It is the cost for having their souls protected by the two Gods.

    Commander Vasquez

    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Specialty: Commander
    Description: Vasquez is a hard looking woman with an edged face, close cropped brown hair, dark tan skin, and brown eyes. She's never been seen outside of an ISF uniform, or her Mortal Coil Power Armor. Half of this has to do with her hiding the horrible wound her previous commander gave her, the other half has to deal with being devoted to her job.

    Personality: Her personality is just as hard and cold as she looks. She's humorless unless it's something cruel. Usually involving something bad happening to a person she doesn't like. Which is almost everyone.

    However, she is also very devoted to the people who work under her, and takes it hard when a single one of them dies.

    Background: She once served as a member of the ISF Riot Suppression Forces under Commander Edijar. During the coup, she sided with the turncoats, while Edijar did not. She tried to convince him to come peacefully, but instead, got shot by him, nearly dying except for another's assistance. After her recovery, she proposed the Mortal Coil idea to the ISF HQ.

    Obviously, it was approved.

    Special Equipment/Abilities: Eyes have been cybernetically enhanced to include targeting reticules and a HUD of all members under her command, showing their vital signs and positions.

    Has a mental connection to Quinn.

    & Arla Parish

    Ages: (Whatever 24 human years is for elves )
    Gender: Male and Female respectively
    Race: Elf
    Specialty: Cleric of Hel and Priestess of Horus
    Power Level: Scalable

    Description: Both are of a fair height, being elves, and have the standard pointed ears, but while Taul is pale with dark hair, Arla is dark tan, almost brown, with light brown hair. Both are in very good shape physically, and can more than handle their own in a fight. Outside their armor, Taul dresses sharply, cleanly, and always tastefully. Arla, normally wears leather and chains.

    Personality: Taul lives life quick and easily. It's his belief that you should live every day like your last, because someday, it will be your last. Arla on the other hand, takes it a bit slower, making her seem more serious and determined than her brother.

    Background: Both were orphans, and found on the Street of Churches near Red Zone. Each of them were taken in by a separate church, but not kept apart. While they were raised, each was taught by the clergy of their respective god/goddess, and eventually arose to become clerics. After the attack of the Cat People, both joined the IA so they could better use their abilities after seeing their churches flooded with wounded. Eventually, they were approached by Vasquez and made an offer that neither of them would refuse.

    Special Equipment/Abilities: Crossbows, Holy Symbols, Clerical Powers

    Ted Brando
    Kicked Out!

    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Race: Vampire
    Specialty: Undead Hunter

    Description: Ted has light brown hair, broad shoulders, and is heavily muscled. Outside of his armor, he wears any array of normal civilian clothing, but will always wear a red scarf around his neck, hiding the terrible bite marks he's once received from a vampire.

    Personality: Ted is a crude guy, rough around the edges. He's had some hard knocks, and won't forget them. He's the kind not to let others forget that either, seemingly always ready for a fight or friendly brawl.

    Background: He had once been a simple grocer, never once minding someone else' business. But, one night, he'd been drugged and kidnapped by a small clan of vampires. He and a half dozen others were kept chained in a basement to be used as food. He'd been bitten over and over, in many places, but never fed blood back, keeping him human. He outlasted the others, but was still close to death when he was found by a small group of ISF. He recovered, but should he ever die, and stay dead, he would Turn.

    He is the main reason that Mortal Coil power armor burns the user's body upon death.

    He now runs free Inside as a vampire, feeding on innocents.

    Special Equipment/Abilities: R.P.S., holy water, blessed mace and holy symbol.

    Mithra Fredrizar
    a.k.a Fred

    Age: Looks about 30 human years
    Gender: Male
    Race: Half-Drow
    Specialty: Close-Combat/Assault

    Description: Fred is about 5ft 8inches tall, very dark skin, with close cropped hair. He has a scar over one eye, and normally wears simple clothes(black or white tunics and pants for the most part).

    Personality: Fred is tough, but easy going. He laughs just as readily as he fights and can take a joke in stride. However, he can be very determined when trying to get to a goal or objective, easily putting himself in front of others without a second thought.

    Background: Fred comes from the Underdark, a place where his noble and chivalrous deeds go punished and misunderstood...*beats background over the head with a mace*

    Fred was raised in a different dimension where New York was a gateway between normal and fantasy worlds. Specifically, he lived in the Bronx. Think of the Underdark, but much scarier.

    Yeah, it was that bad.

    He fought his way through school and life, taking up boxing classes. Sure, he was partly elf, and he was made fun of it, but that just drove him on.

    One night, while he was in the ring, training, the lights went dark, and shadowy forms lunged for him. He couldn't see where he was as he fought his way out and into the streets, only to find the IA and ISF scrounging through the buildings, picking off a ghoul infestation.

    With the other refugees, he had been taken in to be processed and to find a place to live.

    Special Equipment/Abilities: Shaped Blasting Charges, equipped with a pair of shock gauntlets instead of Riot Shield, ambidextrous

    Sue Stonethrower
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Race: Giant-kin
    Specialty: Heavy Weapons/Close Combat

    Description: Ever see a pug and think that they're so ugly their cute? Well, Sue is like that. Just without the cute part. He's about 7ft tall, and heavily muscled with a horrible face. He says he has a girlfriend, but one must wonder if she's chained in his room or just as ugly as he is...

    Personality: Sue has a cruel sense of humor and a healthy respect for destroying things on a whim. He's a wrecking ball, not meant to be smart, but he's still fairly smart.

    Background: Sue is named after the greatest warrior of his tribe in the Icy Wastes of the North. He is descended from a line of mountain giants, and shows it in combat, providing great feats of strength and easily destroying defenses.

    Special Equipment/Abilities: spiked gauntlet, Beam Cannon and Assault Blaster mounted onto his armor

    Charlton Goodfellow
    a.k.a Carl

    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Race: Halfling
    Specialty: Wraith/Scout


    Joan Riley

    ((Other members to come))
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