Gender: Female
Race: Cursed semi-ascended Deity
Age: Very, very old, though she doesn't look it. She stopped counting. It doesn't help that she doesn't even know when her birthday would translate into modern calendars.
Power Rating: B+ - A. Somewhere around there, 'bout all I can tell you is that it's high, though scalable based on how much power-abuse is used. (I'm not good at assigning these, as evidenced by how I pretty much never fill this in. Other than now, obviously.)
Description: A fairly average looking Caucasian woman with brown hair, her only real distinguishing feature is her strange gray eyes.

Repulsive Aura: A powerful aura that causes those affected by it to feel disgusted by Altara, or even hate her. Those with resistance to mental effects can resist it, of course, but for some reason it's ludicrously powerful for gods, likely to inspire extreme hatred for her in them. She once lacked any say in the matter over this other than simply making it worse, but now seems to be able to control it.

Black Mist: Altara commonly conjures up a strange, swirling black mist that forms into most anything, usually types of melee weapons. Weapons formed by this tend to leave a sick feeling in anyone hit or cut by them, and have a weak magic-disrupting ability. The sickness effect is, similarly to her repulsive aura, more pronounced in gods. The sickness/magic disruption effects also go for simple physical contact with them, though the more forceful the contact, the worse the effect. Do not under any circumstances inhale the black mist. Altara also has total control over black mist-formed items, allowing them to change their shapes at will, up to and including a bladed weapon stabbed into someone exploding outward and making a gigantic mess. The black mist can also be used to form high-speed solid bolts with the same effects as normal.

Mistform/Immortality: Altara's powers stem from an ancient and permanent spell of sorts, though it was much more complex than a single spell. She was cursed to walk the worlds for eternity, eternally despised due to her repulsive aura. This, naturally, went very much according to plan, leading to her 'death' several times from the paranoid, superstitious, and just plain evil. When she is wounded badly enough that it would kill a normal person, her body explodes into a cloud of her own black mist, which drifts to...wherever...and eventually reforms, clothes and all. The downside is that she has no control over where this goes, being 'dead' and all. It's very inconvenient, especially since it can lead to instant-re-death situations. The upshot of the mistform reformation ability is that she is, in some part, made of that black mist.

Conveniences: Due to her cursed immortality, Altara doesn't need to eat, drink, or sleep. She still can, though.

Personality: Altara can seem cold at times, sometimes even using her repulsive aura to weed out those who would 'kill for no reason' and eliminate them. From her perspective, those who would kill because of causeless hate could do much worse if they ever do get a reason. Underneath that, though, she seems confused and not sure what to do with herself anymore, since the repulsive aura that made it impossible to stay in one place for very long is now under her control, and she does seem concerned for the safety of others. Who knows what time will reveal?
Other Details: Bleeds and cries black.