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    Default Split-personality Template (PEACH)

    Split-Personality (Template):

    A split-personality creature has several different minds sharing the same body. They may have different outlooks on a situation, and are therefore sometimes better or worse at slightly different things, but share the same memories and experiences.

    A creature has a "base" personality, which is the first one that they had. The Intelligence modifier for skill points is based on the Intelligence of the base class. Each application of this template (it can be stacked) gives one new personality. Each personality is considered a separate character, but all must have the following in common:
    • The same amount of points in each skill that is based off of a physical stat.
    • The same physical feats, flaws, and stats (Str, Con, Dex)

    They may have any or all the following differences, set when each sub-personality is created.:
    • They may have different mental stats(Int, Wis, Cha), flaws, traits, and feats. Feats, traits, and flaws that affect abilities which do not require a physical action count as mental ones. If in doubt, DM decides which it is.
    • Any skill based off of a mental stat may have a +1 bonus, as long as an opposite skill, chosen by DM, is given a -1 penalty.
    • The alignments may be different, but not more than 2 steps different from the base personality between both axes.
    • If the personalities have different classes, and one or more of the classes needs some sort of preparation (Wizards preparing spells at the start of the day, for example), that preparation can only be done while the personality is dominant (So a Wizard could not be preparing spells while another personality is dominant). EXCEPTION: Resting, such as sleeping for 8 hours before being able to prepare spells, can be done while dormant, as long as the dominant personality is resting as well.
    • If multiple personalities have the same class, and that class has multiple options, such as spell lists or Favored Enemies, the different personalities can choose different options.

    Changed my Mind: A creature with a split personality may change which personality is in control by concentrating for 1 minute, doing nothing else. If they are successful (DC 15 concentration check, using their highest mental stat modifier, taking 10 or 20 not allowed) they fall unconscious for 1 round, and then wake with the personality in control who was chosen when the concentration was begun. If they fail the check by 5 or less, they fall unconscious for 2 rounds and a random personality takes over (number them and roll 1d3 for the personality if using the typical 3-personality option) and is dazed for 1 round. If the check is failed by more than 5, or if something prevents the character from concentrating for the full minute, no change occurs, but they are dazed for 1d4 rounds when they stop concentrating.
    Internal Struggle:If the currently dominant personality attempts to do something that is against the wishes of another personality, each may make a concentration check, but must use a mental stat modifier instead of Con. The dormant personalities other than the one who is contesting dominance may each give a +1 bonus to one side of the struggle. If the dormant personality's check beats the dominant personality's check, then the creature is dazed for 1d6 rounds or until it stops the action being opposed by the other personality, and the other personalities aiding the dominant one cannot aid in another struggle for 1 day, or until dominance changes. If the total does not exceed this number, the dormant personality initiating the check, and all others who aid it, cannot try this again for 1 day, or until dominance changes.

    Fragile-minded (Trait) (Optional, see below)
    A creature with a fragile mind has a chance of developing separate personalities whenever they take a harsh blow.

    If a fragile-minded creature takes more than 20% of their health in damage, or is subjected to a severe mind affecting spell, (such as: being forced to do something entirely against their nature, and failing the save; being subjected to a severe mental status condition like Insanity for 1 minute or more; etc.; whether it qualifies is decided by DM) roll d%. On a roll of 0 to 24, they develop a separate personality (apply the split-personality template) if they do not already have their maximum amount which is decided on character creation (usually 3) (It is advised to build the characters for the personalities ahead of time). See above for details on the split-personality template.

    If a character has "Split-Personality but not "Fragile-minded", then all personalities must be decided at character creation.
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    I am trying to figure out a way to allow the different minds to confer on a tricky problem, but cannot think of a way for it to happen that isn't "they can talk to each other whenever they want", and will give a small bonus without being broken. I would appreciate help.
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    Questions? Comments? Tips?
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