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this would actually have been perfect for a character I'm playing now. Though, in his case, there's a LG divine champion of war and a CE bandit king sharing the body for reasons I'll leave unexplained as they have no bearing on the worth of this flaw.

Needless to say, I like it. As for fragile-minded, why bludgeoning or electrical damage and not just damage in general? I think it would be easier just to up the trigger damage, make it any kind of damage, and just say 25% chance of developing a new personality.

As for the situation of opposition by the majority of other personalities, I wouldn't say it would have to be a majority. I'd think a single dormant personality would be able to oppose the dominant one similarly. Though, I'm not sure what you mean by may use wis or cha instead of int. Concentration is based off con. Perhaps it should just be mental checks using each personality's highest mental mods.

EDIT: I appear to have been double-ninjaed...
The damage typing is because it makes slightly more sense to get a split personality from concussion or electrocution than from being stabbed or burned.

The opposition thing was in an attempt to make it harder for a player to hand-wave his way into changing personalities to get a good bonus.