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The damage typing is because it makes slightly more sense to get a split personality from concussion or electrocution than from being stabbed or burned.

The opposition thing was in an attempt to make it harder for a player to hand-wave his way into changing personalities to get a good bonus.
Not particularly. It's possible to develop split personalities from anything sufficiently traumatic. It doesn't even have to involve physical pain, though it often does. It seems perfectly reasonable that a man, say, tied to a spit by a cackling troupe of goblins and roasted alive would be just as traumatic as low-level commoner getting punched in the face by their abusive father.

That's why I was suggesting making it more of a limiter, specifically by removing the requirement of it being a majority thing. If there's only two personalities, this would never come up. that's why I wanted it to be a one-to-one opposition. Perhaps if more dormant personalities agree with restraining the dominant one, the dormant one initiating the check could have a bonus.