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Thread: Phasma; Demonic Drugs [Life In Hell]

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    Default Phasma; Demonic Drugs [Life In Hell]

    So over at the Life In Hell Community World Building Project. we've been working on a few ideas, and need some Help from the Playgrounders!

    Basically we have a drug created from mortal emotions to be used by demons (but also abused by some mortals). This drug is Phasma, and the basic idea for it is that the user starts out with "good" emotion, love, happiness, etc. However this effect lasts for about an hour, leading to a negative emotion that last for a few hours after that.

    I'm gonna post what we have so far, and hopefully get some ideas to flesh it out, and maybe even some help with the crunchy parts.

    What we've got so far, basic rough ideas:

    This is just the rough start

    {table=head]Addiction Value | Save | Satiation | Damage
    Low | DC 10 | 7 Days | 1d2 Wis, 1d2 Int
    Medium|DC 15|4 Days|1d3 Wis, 1d3 Int, 1d3 Dex
    High|DC 20|1 Day|1d4 Wis, 1d4 Int, 1d4 Dex, 1d4 Con
    Very High|DC 25|12 Hours|1d6 Wis, 1d6 Int, 1d6 Dex, 1d6 Con, 1d6 Cha
    Extreme|DC 30|2 Hours|1d8 to all abilities
    Since non of the drug rules are OGL, I made some based off them, I intentionally made them more powerful to focus on the fact that these are demonically created drugs for use on...Demons. They want the masses to become addicted, thus the higher DC's

    Addiction: with every dose taken of a drug, role a Will save against the addiction DC of the drug chosen. Failing this save makes the recipient addicted.

    Satiation: this time frame is how often an addicted creature is required to take the drug to keep from having withdrawals.

    Withdrawal: if an addicted creature fails to take a dose of their addicted drug before the satiation time lapses they take the damage specified on the table above. This damage is taken every day that the addict does not get a fix.

    Initial Effects: Any initial effect stated in the drug write up lasts for 1d12 hours. This can be bypassed by a will save.

    Side Effect: If a drug has a side effect listed, the user must make a will save against the DC or gain this side effect for 1d6 hours

    Secondary Effect: This is the effect upon the user during the period of withdrawal. To bypass this effect a will save must be made. Secondary effects end immediately upon taking a dose.

    (Note that all saves can be voluntarily failed)

    Recovery: To recover from withdrawals, a character must make two successful will saves in a row.

    Two castings of Lesser Restoration or one casting of Restoration automatically recovers the character.

    Remove Diseasse nullifies the addiction, but does not prevent a character from becoming addicted once again.

    Low - Mortal Drugs
    Medium - Some mortal drugs/mortal attempts at demonic drugs
    High - Professional attempts at demonic drugs/Demonically made mortal drugs
    Very High - Your average demonic drugs
    Extreme - The worst (or best, depending on your pov) of the demonic drugs.

    Some thoughts on the Main drugs:

    Love: Initial Effect - Feeling of loving EVERYTHING
    Side Effect - Lust, you want EVERYTHING
    Secondary Effect - Longing, you miss something, it controls your day, it doesn't matter what, probably one of your good old quill pens that you lost

    Joy: Initial Effect - Everything makes you happy, nothing makes you feel sad
    Side Effect - Enthrallment, you become attached to something, I'm talking stalker like attachment
    Secondary Effect - Pride, your ego can't fit in Hell anymore

    Surprise: Initial Effect - Everything seems new and exciting
    Side Effect - Relief, you feel like everything is a major relief to you, even the most minor things
    Secondary Effect - Immense Surprise, you become jumpy, everything surprises you to an extreme, you even jump at your own breathing

    Anger: Initial Effect - You are mad at everything, nothing makes you happy
    Side Effect - Envy, you become jealous of everyone and it makes you mad
    Secondary Effect - Rage, you have one hell of a temper (get it...)

    Sadness: Initial Effect - Everything is sad, even the puppies make you cry
    Side Effect - Sympathy, you sympathize with everything, Demons may even sympathize with their slaves
    Secondary Effect - Depression, you turn into a sobbing mess of regret

    Fear: Initial Effect - You are even scared of your own shadow
    Side Effect - Anxiety, you become nervous for some reason
    Secondary Effect - Shock, any little fright could send you into a drooling mess, almost coma like

    These are just some rough ideas, I still gotta flesh them out some more, but shouldn't be too hard.

    Thinking of some names to go along with the Latin derived Phasma:
    Amor - Love - Latin for....well Love
    Evinco - Joy - Latin for Enthrall
    Admira - Surprise - From Admiratio, Latin for Surprise
    Furor - Anger - Latin for Rage
    Tristis - Sadness - Latin for Sad
    Terror - Fear - Latin for...Terror/Fear

    Some additional by akma:
    Initial effect: Sensetivity to pain, every touch hurts (masochists would love it).
    Side effect: Inside pain, possibly throwing up.
    Secondery effect: the target would be unable to move becuse of pain, and would lay on the floor.
    Guilt: Initial effect: feeling guilty for all the wrongs you did in life, and realising what you should have done.
    Side effect: feeling guilty on things you shouldn`t feel guilty about, which ends up as feeling guilty for everything.
    Secondery effect: doing horrible things just to feel the enormous guilt.
    Contemplation: Initial effect: Understanding more things about life.
    Side effect: thinking disturbing thoughts.
    Secondery effect: Entaring a near catatonic state, in which you (yes you! ) wonder about things endlessly, and it feels like days have passed.

    Hope: Initial effect: Feeling happy and optimistic.
    Side effect: Attempting to things that have almost no chance of succseeding, then most likely failing, then feeling deeply dissappointed and a bit deppressed.
    Withdrawl effect: trying despretly to achieve things (usually the drug) against horrible odds while risking yourself greatly.

    Resentment, greed, lust, envy, shock (like surprise but traumatic), despration, nausia, confusion, dissappointment, hunger.

    Basically this thread is for organization purposes, and to get help on working out the rules for the drugs themselves.

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