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Not quite correct. The stats themselves are the same. But, please, do tell, would a fighter put any high stat into his mental scores? I think not. He'd have them in his physical attributes. Therefore, even if you DO change the order of the mental stats, you would in no shape change the order of EVERY stat. So, in the end, you'd get a wizard with an, at best, average intelligence but high physical scores. In the opposite direction; a fighter with great medical stats but low physical would be pointless in the field of battle, much more so if he has to wait an hour or so to don his armor. Truly, on classes that depend on mental abilities would be able to take that template. And even then, a DM can limit them with a trick called "your other side didn't get exp because it didn't take part".
You are misunderstanding my point. The personalities must have the same physical stats, but each one rolls mental stats separately. The fighter could have low Wis, Int and Cha, and the wizard may still have rolled a 16 Int. The mental stats are not connected between personalities. I do think that with the XP bit, I may add a way for different classes, but it needs another minor penalty.