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Pain: Initial effect: Sensetivity to pain, every touch hurts (masochists would love it).
Side effect: Inside pain, possibly throwing up.
Secondery effect: the target would be unable to move becuse of pain, and would lay on the floor.
Guilt: Initial effect: feeling guilty for all the wrongs you did in life, and realising what you should have done.
Side effect: feeling guilty on things you shouldn`t feel guilty about, which ends up as feeling guilty for everything.
Secondery effect: doing horrible things just to feel the enormous guilt.
Contemplation: Initial effect: Understanding more things about life.
Side effect: thinking disturbing thoughts.
Secondery effect: Entaring a near catatonic state, in which you (yes you! ) wonder about things endlessly, and it feels like days have passed.

I think the secondery effect should be called withdrawl effect.
Also, save DC 10 is so low that I think only mortals should make drugs that weak.
I like the Drugs you've got their. Definitely agree on changing secondary to withdrawal effect. As for the save DC's I'm thinking that Demonic drugs shouldn't be under the High Tier for addiction.

I'm thinking:
Low - Mortal Drugs
Medium - Some mortal drugs/mortal attempts at demonic drugs
High - Professional attempts at demonic drugs/Demonically made mortal drugs
Very High - Your average demonic drugs
Extreme - The worst (or best, depending on your pov) of the demonic drugs.