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    Gender: Male
    Alias: D. Halley
    Race: Human (Anomaly)
    Age: Late twenties.
    Power Rating: B, I'd say. Scalable based on how much abuse I feel like pulling with psychic abilities, mostly telekinesis-based ones. He's capable of , but doing exceptionally crazy things is usually impossible and even when it is possible, he's liable to pass out for a while afterward. That said, he's hard to rate since he's much more brutal when he's allowed to cut loose-having nasty things to throw around in with no fear of collateral damage does that, for example.
    Description: A man with slightly pale skin and a rather small, non-muscular frame, he has short black hair and exceedingly dark eyes. He usually wears a dark red shirt, black jacket, and black pants, with similarly colored footwear. He sometimes wears a white labcoat outfit, though.



    Personality: (Warning, rambling description and explanations within)
    In a word, bitter. He's rather paranoid and distrusting of anyone he has even a vague reason to distrust, other than his rather small circle. He's often more than willing to engage in questionable methods to get his way, such as planting a positive energy bomb in a sword destined for the Admiral. However, underneath that exterior, he seems to have more than sufficient reason to be that way, given how being trusting and trying to give chances ended up with him having Reinholdt resurrected a long time ago. Reinholdt went on to start the original Shepherd-Apocalypse and attempt to conquer the Nexus for Astir, committing the Apoca-Con atrocity along the way. He has since viewed that as his failure, with millions of lives lost because of his mercy, and his behavior has become significantly more ruthless as a result. Simply mentioning Reinholdt around him is liable to anger him, and he has nothing but hatred for those who would try to end the world/universe/multiverse/etc.

    Needless to say, he is not ever going to forgive Reinholdt for what he did.

    He does still have some limits, though, shown when he couldn't bring himself to mind-wipe Darcy. He also seemed to consider it when Sunny-a victim of Apoca-Con who knew of DC's hand in allowing it to happen-told him to stop letting Reinholdt's actions control his life.

    Other than that, he takes great pride in his scientific work, and often seems rather smug when someone falls for a trap of his engineering, such as the aforementioned sword-bomb.

    Abilities: DC has powerful psychic abilities, specializing in the area of telekinesis, psychokinesis and applied forms thereof, such as forcefields. He doesn't usually attack directly with them, instead opting to wield other weapons telekinetically, for example. This also leads to tricks like telekinetically turning on someone else's gun's safety. He's fairly talented with small bladed weapons like daggers or knives, and is a fairly good marksman. His true expertise as far as weapons go, however, is in creating them, as he's a rather gifted inventor and scientist.
    Affiliation: One of four people treated as leaders of WATCHTOWER, Majority Shareholder, Founder, and head of Evolution Industries
    Equipment of Note:
    Variable Beam Rifle: A peculiar weapon, this one uses variable-energy power cells to produce an intense beam of whatever energy is used in the cells. The cells recharge at a decent rate on their own, and the beam can be fired constantly for a sweeping attack through a large number of foes. Currently, DC has the normal energy cell, elemental fire cells, elemental cold/ice cells, positive energy cells, and negative energy cells.

    Assault Gun: A heavy weapon similar to the old ion cannon seen in two of the avatars shown above, it is silverish instead of dark red in those areas, and glows a silvery color as well. Instead of the main barrel, though, it possesses a 'split' barrel-or rather, many barrels at once. It uses a modified MACE unit as its power source, giving allowing it to fire searing hot energy bolts for a long time before needing to recharge. It's a bit smaller than the EvHW-1 Assault Blaster used by the Empire, though, and not quite as powerful. They are, however, based on the same principles.

    Energy Cannon: This heavy weapon looks nigh-identical to the old ion cannon, again, only silver in coloration rather than dark red and glowing the same color. Usually. This one fires a deadly energy blast based on whatever power source it's using, usually a modified MACE unit like that of the assault gun. Thus, it's usually a fairly standard searing hot energy blast, as compared to the Assault Gun's smaller bolts.

    Cloaking Device: A small cloaking device DC keeps hidden in his jacket. Not much else to say about it.

    Drones: He has a fairly small number of rat-sized mini-drones that usually keep to WATCHTOWER and are controlled by a central mainframe. They are only armed with very light lasers. They have small treads and tiny, retractable robotic arms to aid in movement. They're more useful for spying and observation than anything else.

    Psy-Burst Grenades: Reddish crystalline shells surrounding a black metal core, these grenades are used via some of DC's experiments into psychically-triggered weaponry. The lack of a conventional explosive mechanism means they have more shrapnel and a larger blast radius than normal, though those incapable of tele-/psychokinesis cannot use them. Presumably, this is why he doesn't market them.

    In addition, he has access to everything Evolution Industries produces, including products meant for Imperial/Remnant/Irregular use.
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