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Thanks for your help. As a reward for your assistance I have created a shiny new table with new class abilities.
Thank you for making a table. I find the class playable, even enjoyable. I see little difference from the warlock, so I'll adress the few changes you've made.

1. Invocations. I see nothing wrong with the list, nice changes. To replace Call Archons, perhaps you might consider an invocation that calls deathless like the animate dead ability. Just say they are spirits from Celestia, don't require bodies, and it remains pretty much the same, excpet change the material component to something like an opal.

2. DR/Silver is good.

3. Archon's body, as long as it is fleshed out proper is great. I see you've put the work in, it looks fine.

4. Skill points should still be 2+ int, not too much has changed.

Looks good!