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Hunger: Initial effect: great hunger for delicates.
Side effect: great hunger for any organic metariel.
Withdrawl effect: eating anything around you, including non organic metariels, poisonous metariels and people.

Also, how mechanically would the side effects and withdrawl effects be represented?
Mechanically, using hunger that you posted.

Save DC: Will Save DC 20
Addiction DC: Will Save DC 20
Satiation Period: 1 Day

Resist DC: Will Save DC 25 (DC 30 during withdrawal)
Initial Effect: For 1d12 hours after taking the Hunger Drug the has an urge to eat delicates.
Side Effect: After 1d6 Hours, roll a Will Save, if failed, you begin to crave organic material.
Withdrawal: If, after 1 day, the user has not taken another dose of hunger suffers from an urge to eat anything around you.

Recovery: Making two successful saves in a row, or being the target of any restoration spells will end the withdrawal effects but not the addiction.

Basically just have the basic drug outline, and give the user an save to resist the urges. I made the Resist DC 5 higher since you've already failed to stop the drug, and withdrawal another 5 higher, since at least in my experience, withdrawal sufferers have a harder time resisting urges.

This is just a quick thought for the mechanics, if anyone has any improvements I'm more than happy to change things