(Dang, just realized I've been forgetting to register my new characters.)


Alias: Mr. Cat, Chezzy
Gender: Male.
Race/Species: Cat/Cat-Like being
Age: 3.
Alignment: LG/LN/LE/NG/N/NE/CG/CN/CE
Power Rating: B-

Description: Chezchire is a large, 4 ft. tall cat, dark and light orange striped cat. Were anyone to look at him with very powerful spells designed to see a beings true form, they might notice six floating eyeballs that follow him around or occasionally go on scouting missions, it's also worth noting that the eyes that are actually in his head don't look quite right, as though they aren't actually eyes at all.

Personality: Subject to change at any given moment, but always callous and cruel. He does have several distinct guises though, Mr. Cat is annoying and speaks only in lolspeak, except when talking about his backstory, Arquim never speaks, except on matters of dire importance, and Chezchire, his most used persona, is continually hungry and likes to ruin peoples day.

Equipment: Can summon whatever he needs, assuming it's not overly specific. He also owns Irony, a 9-iron with several distinct properties. For one, Irony is almost impossible to dodge, parry or block, it simply has a unerring ability to strike it's target. For another, should it be blocked somehow, fate will conspire to arrange a second chance, and to give Chezchire his revenge.

Backstory: Ain't telling. Chezchire happily will though.

Miscellaneous: Do not mess with him when he's hungry. This is all.

The Weatherman

Alias: Vince Rowland
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human
Age: 21
Alignment: NG
Class/Profession: Weather reporter, champion of the elemental incarnation of Weather.
Power Rating: A-

Description: The Weatherman is slightly taller than human average, has short black hair, blue eyes. He is somewhat handsome and seems to be continually happy, which he is. He wears a sky blue tuxedo with cloud pattern and a top hat with a slightly glowing sun insignia at the top and a ring of clouds orbiting it, were someone to look very closely at the hat, they might even note the tiny world that stands on it's brim.

Personality: The Weatherman is always happy, except for short moments when his dreams are completely and utterly crushed. He is also somewhat of an idiot, because although he has a high enough IQ, he lacks of common sense, survival instinct and the ability to tell when someone is planning to stab him. His hobby is hair-brained and completely unrealistic schemes, like starting a TV show or becoming a pirate. It's also worth noting that the weather effects his mood, storms tend to make him mad, rain makes him unhappy, ect.

Equipment: A combination umbrella/sword-cane that can transform slightly. Pretty much nothing else, come to think of it.

Backstory: Not to long ago, the Weatherman was a ordinary, non-PC weatherman, without even a capital letter to his name. Then Weather showed up, and as he can't really do much directly, decided to make the weatherman his champion, giving him a capital first letter, a actual name, and even a suitably cliche backstory, something about a magical academy and being a alien. However, as the Weatherman still hasn't got used to his name and doesn't really remember the backstory, he just calls himself the Weatherman.


Alias: Antius Mercurial Cyrion, various other versions of the name.
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human
Age: 32, looks not a day over 20
Alignment: CN
Class/Profession: Mage
Power Rating: B

Description: Mercury has green eyes, blond hair and is ridiculously handsome to the point where he looks a little too perfect to be human, due to the various beauty spells he constantly uses. He always wears his turquoise and purple robes, although he sometimes alters their form.

Personality: Mercury, as anyone can tell, is extremely vain, and prides himself on his appearance. He is also quite selfish, and doesn't really care who he harms in the process of getting what he wants, although he dislikes physical violence and would never actually kill anyone.

Equipment: Various enchanted items, wands and spell components. Depends on what he's expecting to have to deal with, although he always carries a magic scanner.

Backstory: Mercury was born on a world were magic was granted by contracts with Daemons, magic elementals that feed on emotions. When he was twelve, Mercury made a deal with a Daemon in order to join his nations magical elite, who ruled over those without magic. As it turns out, Mercury was just talented enough to be good at magic, but not talented enough to be eaten by his Daemon, and he graduated from academy as the best and only surviving member of his class. Sadly, he rose through the ranks of magery a little to fast, and his rivals implemented a scheme that ended with him escaping into the Nexus.