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    Garrekan the Red

    Alias: Pyro; 'The big red building-torcher what burns down buildings!'
    Gender: Male
    Race: Fire Half-Giant
    Age: 34 years [about 20]
    Alignment: Chaotic Good leaning Neutral.
    Profession: Adventurer, pyrotechnist, explosives expert and saboteur
    Power Rating: Let's go with 'somewhere in the high C to low B range'.
    Description: 8'1''; he's a big guy, even for a half-giant. 390 lbs; about average weight for his size. Agile and reasonably fir but not incredibly musclebound; compared to your average half-giant, he's the tall, wiry guy. Skin is deep tan. Hair ranges from light to dark red, depending on mood. His left arm has a tattoo from the shoulder down; deep red at the shoulder, then a lighter shade, then lighter, and up to deep orange-red at the fingertips with each stage separated by jagged fire-lines. (Occasionally, the hair and the tattoo turn other colors; see Personality.)

    He's basically wearing this guy's armor, only take away the gauntlets and replace the armor from the legs down with padded leggings. This is what he wears when he's not undercover or asleep; he's a fire half-giant, he doesn't get hot or sweaty. When he's undercover, replace the whole thing with padded camo.
    Personality: If you had your typical band of adventurers in a bar, Garrekan would be the big guy who sits down, orders three pints of beer, drinks 'em all in one swig and initiates a drinking song. He's boisterous, friendly, fiercely protective of friends, and very loud. He's also quite intelligent and streetwise, but he's not regular wise or a leader of any sort. He's not good at strategy or long-term planning, but he's good with short-term tactics and adjusting plans on the fly. Strong emotions are usually reflected in his hair and arm tattoo (and voice color); deep red is depressed, gray is resolve, lime green is excitement. (Note that these are only extreme emotions; normal emotion strength is just different red/orange and isn't visible in what color he speaks in.) If he is looking at you and turns indigo, back away slowly. If he looks at you and turns blue, run away quickly. If he turns BLACK (represented by bolded, underlined caps), EVERYONE NEARBY should run away quickly.
    Equipment: The armor above. It's fireproof, obviously, and is more practical than it looks. He also has a magitek flamethrower gauntlet thing which uses his half-fire-giant powers to burn, zap, and explode stuff he shoots, a bastard sword (on fire, naturally). He also has a utility belt (like Batman, only the impossible space requirement is waved away by bags of holding instead of 'too badass for mortal comprehension'), with stuff like thieves' tools, a ten-foot pole, a bunch'a utility items, stuff like that.
    Abilities: He's a fire half-giant, but he's got natural talent for shaping and controlling fire. He can light fires by concentrating, he can put out fires by concentrating, he can make small explosions by concentrating, he's virtually immune to heat. Stuff like that. The gauntlet enhanced that so that he's basically a living flamethrower and grenade launcher. Also, he's good at channelling that energy into stuff he makes- he can make explosives ten times more powerful than normal with a tenth of the materials. Garrekan is good at stealth; he likes to deploy his explosives himself.
    Backstory:CG father, rebel from LE fire giant society, assassinated, son swears revenge, kills evil ruler, yadda yadda. The resulting explosion would've killed him (fire immunity or no), but he was hurled into the Nexus first, I guess. The rest TCL, or not.
    Misc: Garrekan was the name of one of my first D&D characters, a barbarian. He was the most memorable one, so I took the name and personality and turned it into the part of me that really wants to FFRP. I hope nobody minds me blowing up evil fortresses. (Except for the evil guys, of course.)
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