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    (color of speech)

    Alias: Not many, at least not to his face. Shorty, Half-pint, queball, Li’l freakshow, Hey what’re you doing no no stop… etc.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human. To his knowledge.
    Age: 25
    Alignment: Chaotic Good would be best fit.
    Class/Profession: Wanderer, Hobo, martial artist, and amateur athlete. (D&D equiv Monk /fighter)
    Power Rating: Physical strength about 2-3x that of a normal human. Using your scales a 3-4 on the Quinsar rating, and a C- rank Neon Knight scale

    Description: Where to begin? First off Kordson is short. Real short, we're talkin’ borderline gnomish here, Kordson measures in at a towering 4’8”. Kordson is a bit heavy for his size weighing in at ~165Lbs, which is not to say he’s fat, just well muscled. Kordson is well tanned do to his many travels and occationally sleeping outside. Kordson is completely bald and his eyes are two toned, an outer ring of green fading into an inner sparkle of ice-blue.
    Kordson normally dresses casually, a plain grey or green shirt or tunic and grey slacks. Kordson is almost always seen carrying a large backpack or duffle-bag which holds basically everything he owns; a change of cloths, some food, and a number of other surprises.

    one of the many incarnations of Kordson via “Hero Machine”

    Equipment: His bag. Several unimpressive outfits. A winter blanket. Water-proof matches / tinder twigs. . Small amount of cash in several currencies, (GP, Gil, $, etc). A few combat accessories. Listed/ explained below.
    -metal knuckles crafted from a number of materials, (brass, silver, cold iron, etc)
    -Gloves of lesser impact: These padded, fingerless, martial arts gloves were disigned to prevent combatents with super strength from killing each other in hand-to-hand combat. They reduce the damage without reducing the force, a strike that would go through a brick wall or shatter bones would only cause some brusing but could still knock you off your feet.

    Personality: Described in a single word, Happy. Dangerously happy. While a normal person might show happiness through a light-hearted punch to the arm, Kordson uses Back slaps, headbutts, and the occasional right hook. Easy going but not willing to watch other people suffer. Kordson can be fiercely loyal, and would sooner gut himself than break a promise to a friend. Kordson’s mind isn’t exactly the brightest polished fork in the drawer but he hasn’t let that stop him yet.
    Abilities:Has great strength. Kordson is primarily a brawler, but he will use just about anything as a weapon if the situation calls for it. In combat, Kordson is fairly durable, able to withstand, and walk away (though fairly injured) from, attacks that would kill a normal man. When pushed to his limits Kordson may draw up inner ki energy (dragon ball Z style yet no beams or flying) to fuel his abilities and perform "special" attacks.
    Backstory: Kordson prefers not to talk about his past and will often try to change the subject should a conversation start heading that direction.
    This is one of his favourite versions:
    Kordson's cannot remember being told any details about his birth. Kordson grew up in the slums of a grand city [insert name here]. He was raised by his mother and sister. Kordson does not know who his father is, and really couldn’t care less. Kordson's family was poor and unnoticed by the community. In his childhood, Kordson loved to explore his home and its surroundings. Early on Kordson witnessed a terrible incident, but it's all in the past right?. During this time, Kordson's carefree attitude surfaced. Kordson became an apprentice of a monk, who teached him all the basics, but was cast out of the monastery after (unknowingly) insulting a high ranking member. You’d a though a guy name Whyzkrac (pronounced wise crack) would have a sense of humour. At a mature age, Kordson set out to explore the world. Kordson's closest friend is an extradimensional chinchilla with choochoo powers *snicker*.

    *spoiler* for people who just must know everything right know. Kordson’s family was brutally murdered. Upon returning home one day, Kordson found their bodies horribly shredded and mutilated. The police/ guards of city where he was living did not even investigate because slum deaths were not worth the resources.
    As you might have guessed Kordson may (or may not) be an illegitimate child of the D&D deity Kord.
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