Looks really cool. Two abilities list conflicting information though, was wondering which is correct:

Bloody Edge (Su): A hemoscribe learns to infuse her weapons with the power to draw out more blood and be more damaging. By spending a move action in the round after damaging a hostile creature with a weapon, the hemoscribe can make a quick basic rune on that weapon that increases its damage. This only works on piercing or slashing weapons and the rune lasts until the end of the encounter. The hemoscribe can also attack herself to make this rune, but it must deal at least 1 point of damage to enable her to do so. The rune lasts for one day.
Runic Words of the Void [Spurt]
Bloodbank points:
Location: Face
Prerequisite: Must have gotten bloodbank points from a creature of the construct, deathless or undead type that day.
A dotted pattern surrounds your mouth, with lines surrounding it like an explosion, a diamond shape traced on the side of your throat. This rune allows you to speak the runic words of the void once per encounter. When you use it, you deal 1d6 points of damage to the target per bloodwriter level to a single target within 60 ft of you. A successful Fort save (DC 10 + half your bloodwriter level + your Con modifier) halves the damage dealt. If this brings the target to 0 hit points or below, they are disintegrated (as the disintegrate spell). This has no effect on objects. You can use this breath weapon once every 4 rounds.
Augmentation: For every 2 additional bloodbank points you spend on this rune the damage dealt increases by 1d6.
Looking forward to seeing any more abilities for this ^_^